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Well-Thought Gift Ideas for Someone You Care About

Have you ever been in a position where you wanted to buy a gift for someone you care about but have no idea what to get them? You want to get them something heartfelt, unique, and original, yet at the same time also something that’s deeply personal.

Well, you are in luck. There is one gift that covers all these bases and more. What is this unique gift, you ask? Why it is none other than the incredible gift of art. Presenting someone with a painting as a gift is an incredibly thoughtful gesture.

Whether it’s for a wedding or a house-warming gift, a birthday, farewell party, or something even more sentimental, a painting is to be cherished, especially when there are so many good customizable options out there to choose from.

Custom Portraits

Lady with an Ermine – Leonardo da Vinci

When shopping for a painting as a gift for someone, one of the most straightforward options would be to present them with a custom-made portrait of them. This symbol of stature would make an excellent gift for someone self-driven and ambitious.

Many of the most significant figures throughout history had portraits of themselves produced, sometimes even on a massive scale. This trend has continued to modern times, where you will see many of the most famous actors and athletes with giant portraits of themselves placed in their homes.

This might seem conceded at first, to have a picture of yourself displayed in your own home, but a hand-painted portrait is above this. Instead, it is a symbol of confidence, self-belief, and self-respect. So, go ahead and paint your life. With that in mind, it would make an excellent gift for the correct type of person. However, if the person is too humble for a portrait of themselves, you can always gift them a portrait of a loved one.

Pet Portraits

Portrait of Maurice – Andy Warhol

There is something that almost all of us have in common: we love our family. One of the essential members of millions of families, whether big or small, is their beloved pets. For this reason, a portrait of a pet is a wonderfully thoughtful and creative gift.

A pet is the embodiment of unconditional love. Having a portrait made in their honor is a great way to commemorate this shared love. Unfortunately, many of us have also lost pets throughout our lifetime, and having a portrait produced is a fantastic idea for immortalizing their memory forever.

Even if the person you are gifting doesn’t have any pets, an animal painting is still a great gift idea for the symbology and good fortune associated with the animal. However, if they have pets, you can’t go wrong with a pet portrait.

Family Portraits

The Artist’s Family – Jan Steen

If you think a pet portrait sounds like a good idea, then why not go one step further and have a portrait of the whole family made, pets included. A family portrait is arguably one of the most memorable gifts imaginable and one of the most sentimental gifts.

This would be the perfect gift for marking an occasion such as an anniversary or milestone birthday. This precious painting would no doubt be the most talked about gift at the party and, at the same time, motivate an emotional response from the recipient.

This is also a great gift idea because there will be so many life moments to choose from. You can swipe through your collection of family photographs or, better yet, join multiple photos into one. Whatever you decide, it will be remembered for life and soon become one of their favorite paintings.

Reproductions of Masterpieces

Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh

Speaking of their precious paintings for life, why not consider having a painting from a famous artist reproduced as a gift? This unique idea provides that personal touch that other gifts may lack, but it also adds an element of culture, style, and class to one’s home.

A gift of a painting wonderfully represents the bond between the giver and the receiver. Presenting someone with a gift such as this shows a level of maturity, thoughtfulness, and well wishes for the future that is hard to find in many other gifts.

Famous paintings such as Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper, or Monet’s numerous portrayals of his garden are just a few examples that would make for an excellent and unique gift for pretty much anyone. Not to mention that they can be reproduced at affordable prices nowadays.

Landscape Paintings

The Rainbow Landscape – Peter Paul Rubens

Finally, another fine gift idea for a painting is that of a beautiful landscape scene. These paintings for life are widely famous across the board, and just like the other options on this list, there are so many amazing artists to choose from.

Artists such as Albert Bierstadt, Claude Lorrain, John Constable, and J.M.W. Turner are examples of some of the finest landscape painters. Their breathtakingly sweeping sceneries of nature are the prized processions of museums worldwide, so why not have one in your home also.

Furthermore, many great painters have produced breathtaking paintings of some of the most famous landmarks in the world. A painting of one of these might serve as the perfect memento of a trip shared or holiday spent together.


When shopping for that perfect gift, it can be a real challenge to find something meaningful. However, if you are searching for a gift that is uniquely personal, colorful, and can last a lifetime, then a handmade painting might be the one for you. These are indeed the paintings for life to remember. 


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