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FTT vs Poly: Which coin to choose in 2022?

In recent years, interest in investing in cryptocurrency has been actively growing. Most beginners cannot afford to buy at least one Bitcoin, but this is not necessary. There is a rich selection of more affordable coins on the market with great growth potential. Moreover, they may turn out to be much more promising than the king of the market. Let’s look at possible alternatives

What is an FTX token (FTT)

In early May 2019, a team of major crypto traders launched the FTX crypto platform. The reason for this decision was the problems that are typical for most of the existing crypto-future exchanges.

The FTX team believes that their project has won the sympathy of users due to centralized pools, chargeback prevention, and stable coin universal settlement. On existing crypto futures exchanges, the collateral is distributed among individual token wallets and this makes it difficult for a trader to liquidate positions. All FTX instruments are settled in stable coins, respectively, are stored in a universal margin wallet.

The crypto platform also uses its own cryptocurrency – FTX Ton Coin (FTT). At the time of writing, FTT is ranked 27th on CoinMarketCap and is trading at close to $44.

FTX Ton Coin (FTT) Price Prediction for 2022

In September 2021, the FTT price peaked at $79.87 and began to decline. The local low was recorded on January 22, 2022, when the price dropped below $34 per token.

In the last two weeks, there has been a trend towards recovery. In the short term, a fairly quick rise to the resistance level at $49.87 is possible. The next target after breaking the resistance is $84.9.

If the behavior of the coin will be largely determined by both general market trends and the actions of the team. Price drop to $41 is not ruled out. There are no obvious prerequisites for a collapse now, but if the bearish trend continues, a scenario with a fall to $4.8 is not excluded.

What is Polymath (POLY)?

Polymath technology is designed to create the issuance and management of tokens on the blockchain. This technology led the creation of a unified standard for security tokens (ERC 1400) based on Ethereum. Over 200 tokens have already been deployed based on Polymat.

The idea of ​​making it easier to launch security tokens came about when looking for a solution to tokenize a private foundation. Since the launch of securities on the blockchain is associated with many legal and technical problems, the huge market opportunities of the blockchain remain untapped.

Institutional grade blockchain Polymesh was launched specifically for regulated assets. The network provides the technical basis for key design principles for elements that are equally important to issuers, regulators, and investors: compliance, identity, governance and confidentiality.

The token was created by POLY to interact with the Polymath platform. At the moment, the price of the token is around $0.43.

POLY Price Prediction for 2022

The dynamics of the POLY price in recent months is very similar to the dynamics of FTT. If the bullish trend is restored, growth to $0.58 and higher, up to $0.7 is possible.

Where to buy coins

Both coins are available for purchase on Binance, Huobi Global,, Mandala Exchange and some others.

Which coin to choose

This is a very difficult question. First of all, all cryptocurrencies are classified as high-risk assets and the current market situation remains uncertain. Apart from this, the expected price dynamics of both coins are very similar in relative numbers. When comparing absolute indicators, the more accessible POLY looks preferable. Before making a decision, do your own research on each of the coins.



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