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Friends fan wouldn’t recognise Janice(Maggie Wheeler) and that famed laugh, which burst many an ear drum back in the day

There aren’t many, particularly since Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice hasn’t really changed from the character that we knew and loved.Maggie Wheeler played Janice who was the savior of Chandler Bing’s life, throughout the 10 seasons of the cult sitcom from 1994 to 2004.

In the past, Janice has not only looked great as she ages however, she also appears older than Janice.

The 60-year-old has appeared at least a few times over the decades including in a interview in 2016 on This Morning appearance as well as a recent interview in 2021 on the Aussie Breakfast show Sunrise.

Everytime she does this, she reminds us no matter how Friends is now a thing of an era, Janice isn’t. Thank goodness!

Despite her unsettling laugh and famous phrase (“Oh. My. God”) They were sufficient to test the endurance of a saint. The rapid-talking New Yorker was an integral element of the show.

It’s hard to – or perhaps impossible – to find someone who believes that it could have been anything like it was without her.

Maggie definitely enjoyed their time with the show. In her 2021 Sunrise interview she shared with viewers: “It was the best job ever really … It changed my life in so many ways”.

“The environment on that show was so wonderful, everybody was so collaborative, everyone was so friendly”, she said.

Thanks to her age-defying appearance she has revealed that she’s still recognizable on the streets , 17 years after her last appearance as Janice.

She also talked regarding the Friends reunion she said: “To be able to walk on stage and see all of your friends was phenomenal”.

Prior to that, in the 2016 This Morning Interview, Maggie admitted to laughing and explained the incident was “organic” development.

“I created Janice’s laugh as a safety measure just in case [Matthew Perry] made me laugh” she admitted.

Maggie Wheeler is currently in television and has been featured on a variety of top shows that include ER, Californication, Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother as well as Hot in Cleveland.

Additionally she also had a regular part on Archer and briefly appeared in the role of the character Dr. Renton in Disney’s Kim Possible.

She has been married to her partner Daniel for more than three decades and they have two children.

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