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Frankie Foster. Foster Home For Imaginary Friends

“Bus the Two of Us reveals the driver’s license of Frankie Foster the date she was born the 25th of July 1984, which makes her 15 an age (five weeks from her 16th birthday) when the license was granted on May 18th, 2000. which was four years prior to when the show debuted.

It’s not clear how much older than that woman is, but her license expired at the end of January 2007, and isn’t expired yet as of Bus the Two of Us which means she is under 23 years old. This is because she’ll turn 23 on the 25th of July on July 25, 2007.


Frankie is apricot-colored with hair of red that she typically puts in a ponytail with a spike. Based on her license to drive she has eyes that are green. She is wearing an exposed white midriff t-shirt that has red trim around the sleeve and collar ends and also a feminine Powerpuff Girls symbol on the front that depicts Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup flying off into the sky. She also has the long-sleeved hooded, green jacket and the dark purple miniskirt gold-colored orange socks, as well as white and blue trainers. The girl also has hair clips in purple as well as a black and thin choker around her neck, and has numerous piercings in her ears.


Frankie is extremely affectionate, loving and kind-hearted, however, she’s also sarcastic, short-tempered and inflexible.

Character description

Frankie Foster is based on the show’s creator Craig McCracken’s wife, Lauren Faust. She is the witty charming, helpful beautiful, sweet confident, easy-going however, she’s still the short-tempered daughter of Madame Foster. Based on her license to drive she was born on July 25 1984, is 508 feet tall, weighs 127 lbs and has eyes of green (” Bus the Two of Us” image below Infobox as well as ” Destination Imagination” One of her eyes can be seen through the window of Frankie Foster ‘s character). There is however an issue with the timeline, similar to that in “The Trouble With Scribbles” the character. Herriman claimed that she released the scribbles in the fall of 1984. she’s 4 or 5 years old when she flashbacks (or at the very least, when she’s old enough for talking).

Frankie has been a resident of Frankie Foster s all of her existence, moving there during her childhood. It is unclear what happened to her parents, though Frankie mentions during “Who Let the Dogs In?” that they had helped her overcome fears of ghosts as an infant.

As she reached her teens, Frankie, who had lived her entire life in the company of imaginary friends began to assume the responsibility of managing almost everything at Foster’s. She was in charge for cooking meals, cleaning up the house and doing chores of laundry, organizing events, taking the house inhabitants around on the bus with a variety of colors as well as caring for her grandmother’s foster family members in every way. She sometimes exhibits signs of stress because of her numerous duties however the primary cause appears to be Herriman’s continual enforcement of house rules and his constant expectation of her to be more productive despite her recent full filled with work.

She also knows about Mr. Herriman’s fear of dogs as shown in “Who Let The Dogs In?” When the couple with a missing dog, who is stray, arrives and Herriman is astonished. Herriman is sent into fear, but Frankie helps him out by requiring the couple as well as their dog, leave the premises and explaining it is a fact Frankie Foster doesn’t have an animal rescue. Herriman is in a state of panic. Herriman is still traumatized and nervous, because he is aware ” Dogs eat rabbits.”

Yet, despite all her job, she manages to keep a social life and is allowed to have a few date (assuming that Mr. Herriman doesn’t keep her in a bind with his other chores). She’s also often enticed to Bloo’s “get rich quick schemes” and has proved to be a successful partner in spreading Bloo’s agendas , when she believes she will make a decent result or profit from it.

She’s a huge lover of punk rock as seen on ” Everyone Knows It’s Bendy” and ” Imposter’s Home for Um… Make ‘Em Up Pals.” She also excels in web-design, and is responsible for the creation and maintenance of Frankie Foster ‘s website (as shown on ” World Wide Wabbit”).

Based on conceptual images, Frankie was originally intended to be much youngerthan teenager-like, and as into rock and roll than she has been revealed to be. Numerous drawings depicted her as always in a state of anger. Although her appearance has changed, she was wearing the identical shirt (depicting the stylized model that was a stylized version of the Powerpuff Girls, another cartoon Craig McCracken made) A green zippered fleece, and ponytail.

Though she’s mostly an in-charge, straightforward type of woman, Frankie may be beautiful, as shown in ” Frankie My Dear,” in which Mac, Bloo, another imaginary friend named Prince Charming, as well as a pizza delivery man known as Chris are all are drawn to her. Then there’s ” Good Wilt Hunting” in which two geeks, Douglas and Adam, believe that she is the perfect model for beauty. Frankie may be skeptical sometimes, as shown as in ” Imposter’s Home for Um… Make ‘Em Up Pals” in which she believes she is a goofy John McGee is not an imaginary friend due to his appearance. This is, in fairness, is not necessarily a good thing. There is also an unhealthy love affair with MadameFrankie Foster ‘s cookies baked at home sometimes going on an eating frenzy, initially buying $1200 worth, later 2400 dollars (20 or 40 dozens, respectively). Additionally, she could be suffering from road rage, as seen on the show “Good Wilt Hunting,” where police officer Nina Valarosa Eduardo’s creator is a ticket-giver for various traffic infractions. She also won the race for the office of president of the house during ” Setting a President,” but she quit after she realized that the salary was lower than her previous position (and partially due to the fact that Herriman was devastated). Herriman was devastated not having his old job back).

Frankie is also stressed In ” Cheese A Go-Go”. She must deal with taking care of imaginary friends, running the errands, and also a lawsuit with her mother and Jackie Khaones over an uncooked tuna sandwich. There are also issues in dealing Cheese along with other characters throughout. This gets more difficult when Bloo utilizes the observatory system of public addresses to inform all (including herself) the fact that Cheese is an alien from outer space and, in essence it invites the creatures of other worlds to take him up. The stressing out of the characters was an important scene in the film The Destination Imagination in which she was escorted to another world, where she was lavished by a character called World who was which could be a face that moves across any object.

Frankie’s design for her character seems to be based on the style created by Lauren Faust, the show’s supervising producer (and the real-life wife of creator Craig McCracken). It’s odd that Frankie is not like her mother, appears to not have an imaginary friend that she has created on her own, likely because she was being surrounded by them. However, she’s more likely to have been a part of the the world.

Her most loved television show is one of the soap-opera named “The Loved and the Loveless,” which is well-liked by residents of the house.



Frankie believes that Mac as a brother in a way. They also share a brother-sister bond despite the fact that Mac has a attraction to her. Mac is the only child she has to see every day to ensure that Bloo isn’t being adopted, and will do anything to assist him in the opposite direction. She’s generally softer toward Mac due to the fact that he is never willing to give up on his beloved Bloo and is always trying to keep his cool despite Bloo’s antics. Mac is often the characters Frankie is most confident in due to his shrewd and mature character, and Mac is the smartest among the group as well.


Frankie has a tangled relationship with Bloo due to him constantly getting into trouble due to his ingenuous schemes and actions that cause him in trouble. It’s also the case that she is easily frustrated with him every time he makes the house messy and doesn’t want to do the work himself, and instead has Frankie help him with chores. Bloo. In spite of Bloo’s outspoken and arrogant character, Frankie cares for him deeply and wants to ensure Bloo doesn’t get a slap on the wrist in regards to Mac’s pledge to visit him each day.

Fusion Fall

In FusionFall In FusionFall, she’s at in front of Frankie Foster’s Gate. She’s worried about Coco getting away (a in reference to “Mondo Coco”, when Coco is involved in a variety of mishaps and encounters different obstacles after someone left the Foster’s Gate door open. Then, at the end of the episode Frankie shouts “Who has left the door open What will happen to Coco should she escape ?!”) and Mac will find her, but she is expecting that they will be in the KND Outpost. The house is close by, Mandark, has started the building of an Imaginasium to help him better learn about Imaginary Friends. Frankie has had disputes with him over the design. Eddy has a secret love affair with her, but she only mentions this in one of Imaginary Reinforcements mission parts. Her hair clip was donated for the KND as well as Urban Ranger’s scientists to aid in Nano development.

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