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Floor collapses at house party in Colorado

Floor collapses :Three people were hurt in the collapse that occurred the night of Saturday at a house located to the southeast of Aurora.

The body camera footage that was released by Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday illustrates the consequences of a floor that collapsed during a celebration at the Arapahoe County residence.

Three people suffered injuries in the collapse that occurred the night of Saturday at a residence situated on East Princeton Place, which is situated to the southeast of Aurora.

A section of the top floor fell down into the basement at the time of a party that involved up to 150 minors According the South Metro Fire Rescue.

One of the victims suffered serious injuries and the two others had minor injuries, according to the fire department reported.

The body camera footage made by the sheriff’s department shows the responding officers telling the guests of the party to leave, and looking for the basement beneath the floor that had collapsed.

Police report on floor collapses

The sheriff’s office reported that the owners were hosting a birthday celebration for their grandson, 18. The deputy said at the time that it was an awful accident but they weren’t conducting an investigation into the crime. The office of the district attorney announced Wednesday that no charges would be brought.

The guests at the event claimed that it was out of control after that the location of the house was posted via social media.

This is the way Cass Henry, 15, and his brother AJ Henry, 17, learned about the party.

“I think it just got leaked around a little bit so everyone thought it was just an open house,” Cass explained. “People started just showing up.”

The brothers were among the teens who fell from one of the floors in the house. Cass reported that he was taken to the hospital with an injury to his ankle.

“Two seconds before the ground ended up breaking, you could hear it all snapping apart, but you didn’t have enough time to do anything about it,” Cass stated.

South Metro said firefighters searched throughout the house and verified that no one was in the house.

A few teens are recovering after the floor collapsed at the house party that was jam-packed held in Arapahoe County in February. A claim has been made against the homeowner’s insurance policy on behalf of a guest who was left to pay thousands of dollars for medical expenses.

Grayson West was severely injured when the floor caved in. The 19-year-old was fortunate that he didn’t lose one of his legs.

“I did not feel in too much discomfort at the moment. My thoughts were racing through ‘What do I do now What do I do to escape?’ said West. “It seemed like my heel had popped into my footwear. I was scared but I was able to remain steady. I knew I needed to leave the house.”

West claims he was able to get out of a window in order to avoid the smell of gasoline. He didn’t know the severity of the injuries until after he was woken up at the hospital, a leg stuffed with pins.

The tibia fell off the foot, and the talus bone broken and dislocated 180°. A quick surgery saved his leg.

“The doctor basically said it looked like it was thrown into a blender,” stated West.

West isn’t able to lift his leg, and won’t be able to for several months. With pins and rods holding his ankle, West has been mostly immobile ever since.

“It was all doom and gloom. There was a bunch of talk about what happens if the bone dies, if it doesn’t get enough blood flow, if the prosthetic doesn’t get accepted. Amputation was an option. It’s scary to hear as a 19-year-old with a whole life in front of me,” West said. West.

West as well as his entire family members sought an additional opinion from UCHealth which gave them better odds of success with the addition of surgery. UCHealth isn’t part of his network, and his insurance company refused to pay for the procedure, however West decided to undergo the procedure.

They’re now paying thousands to cover it. Kurt Zaner at Zaner Harden Law has signed West as an attorney.

“These folks are left paying out of pocket for the surgery he needs to give him the best chance of saving that leg. Grayson’s getting no help from his health insurance or very little help from health insurance, and he’s getting no help from the homeowner’s insurance,” Zaner said.

Zaner made a claim against the insurance company of the homeowner, claiming that the homeowner’s insurance isn’t accepting responsibility. Zaner is also suing the family’s health insurance for not paying for his surgery.

“They’ll have defenses. The homeowner’s insurance could say, ‘Well, was it foreseeable that this could have happened?’ But if you see the videos of the party, and that many kids jumping around, at some point it becomes too much,” Zaner said.

Zaner states that it is impossible to fix the structural integrity that is questionable for the house.


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