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FitsWatch Smartwatch – Review of Features, Is it Worth Buying?

FitsWatch Smartwatch Review – Is It Worth Buying?

We are informed about a new smartwatch sale. The smartwatch is now available from Fitswatch Canada and the other one FitsWatchAmazon. We were able find its official website, but we couldn’t find the Amazon Canada product page.

We compared its features and specifications, and this is our review of the FitsWatch Smartwatch. Smartwatch enthusiasts are asking this question. Is FitsWatch Smartwatch worth the money or a scam smartwatch? We search online for additional reviews and sources. There are very few reviews and comments about the product’s quality.

We are unable to confirm the comment’s validity so we will only give our initial opinion about the FitsWatch Smartwatch.

The FitsWatch is a wearable that monitors and tracks your vitals. It’s a smartwatch that can monitor your health and is designed for sports. It has a familiar design with its body and the watch face.

Although we aren’t sure if this is the same product it looks to be an updated version of the popular smartwatch Y68. The watch faces and design of the device are the same, but there are some slight changes to the user interface. The Y68 Plus smartwatch was reviewed by us and we were very impressed with the design and feel of the FitsWatch smartwatch. You can see all the models on Youtube Channel .

It is confirmed that it is included in the Y68 line-up. The wearable uses the FitPro app as described in the FAQ page. Let’s see if it’s an upgrade, or a completely different version.

The FitsWatch has a slim body and a silicon strap. It has the same USB charging feature as the Y68.

The FitsWatch is not clear if it’s a metal or a PC body. According to the website, it has an anti-scratch body. It could be an upgrade. If so, it may use an aluminum alloy or zinc alloy which makes it lightweight and durable. The body is IP67 waterproof and is splash-proof, waterproof, and washable.

The smartwatch’s display is a 1.3″ high definition LCD screen. A TFT LCD with touch key operation is located at the bottom of the screen. The smartwatch is full-screen and full-color, but it doesn’t have touch screen capabilities. Instead, it relies on the button key to navigate the smartwatch and select menus.

Basic Specifications for FitsWatch Smartwatch

Display: HD Screen 1.3”

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor

Battery: USB Charging

Compatibility for Android and iOS

Waterproof Rating IP67 Waterproof rating

Support App: FitPro app

What Are the Features of the FitsWatch Smartwatches?

Health Monitoring

According to the product page, the smartwatch has heart rate monitoring. It can also monitor your blood pressure. However, it is not usually oxygen that is included in the health monitoring functions.

The promotional graphics look like the smartwatch has a good UI. This includes graphs and stats. The FitPro app offers detailed graphs and stats on your health.

Sleep monitoring is another health function that can be included. It monitors your sleep quality, time and patterns as well as your sleep time.

Automatic Activity Tracking

This smartwatch can automatically track your activity and count steps. It can also track distance, calories burned, and distance. Its activity-tracking function will help you stay healthy.

This feature is not currently available in the FitsWatch. A PAI (Personal Activities Intelligence) feature is available on the smartwatch. This feature is typically found in brand smartwatches.

Real Time Notifications

It features call and message notifications as well as support SMS push. The support app usually has QQ, Facebook and Twitter as well as Line, WhatsApp, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Summary of its Features

  • Notifications for Call and Message
  • Health Monitoring
  • Automated Activity Tracking
  • PA Support
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Direct USB Charging
  • Lightweight Design

First impression of the FitsWatch Smartwatch

The Fitswatch product page is limited in information so we cannot give more details about its features and specifications. We can’t say for sure that $49.99 is affordable. It is worth considering the many features offered by the smartwatch.

It has so far been very good. The design is just okay, but it does not support touch screens. We are curious about the PAI support, but it’s not available on the device. We don’t believe it can provide accurate results for its health features. Based on our experience with other wearables that provide SpO2 and BP support, this conclusion is based.

It is hard to tell if it is a scam or not. They claim they offer premium quality products with quick and easy delivery, as well as hassle-free returns. This type of marketing has already fooled us once. We are now more cautious with this product.

They offer email and phone support, as well as a company address. It looks like they are legitimate. You might be able to verify that they are legitimate. If you have any doubts, send them an email or call them. You will need to do more research to determine if it is worth it.

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