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Finding The Right Brand Name

As expanding virtual technology opens up global gateways to commerce, this is a great time to start a business and get your product on the market. Before you do, you need to make sure that you have a brand name that can leave a good impression on your consumers.

When you’re brainstorming brand name ideas, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help out. First, you can always use a name generator like Namify to conjure up some fantastic names for your business. However, there are other things you can try, too. Here are a few to look into when your commercial venture needs a good name.

Key Elements Of A Brand Name

Developing a brand name is easy. Developing a good brand name requires thought. There are certain elements you can use for an effective brand name when you want your product to both standout and draw in consumers.


Successful brands have names that are accessible to consumers. Many have short, one-word names (Coke, Sprite, Tide) and are known by those names all over the world. A person could order a Coke in almost any country and the vendor would understand the product request.

Long-winded and complicated names quickly fall to the wayside of people’s memories. That’s why so many use mnemonic devices when studying complicated terms. Simple names tend to be easier to remember, which automatically gives your brand a leg up in the marketplace. People are big on buying what first comes to mind. If they can remember your brand’s name, you have a much better shot of that product being sold.

Tap Into Consumers’ Feelings

One of the biggest indicators of a good brand name is whether or not it evokes an emotional response from a customer. Feelings aren’t exactly the most scientific metric for determining the power of a brand name, but it is a surefire way to gauge its effectiveness.

Word association, for one, means a lot to consumers. So, if your brand name carries a negative connotation or message, it could turn off a consumer demographic that doesn’t relate to it. However, this works both ways. There are companies that utilize words that are historically negative, but certain customers are drawn to the contrary nature of it. It comes down to knowing your product and aiming it toward the consumers you want to rake in. Either way, you’re going to tap into the emotional sector of a consumer.

Make It Marketable

Another key element of a strong brand is its marketability. Does the brand name register as something that is easy to share through a positive review or by talking about it? One study suggested that the old-fashioned tool of “word of mouth” still has more power than virtual sharing. Either way, both are forms of communication that can reach the masses. Another thing to keep in mind is that good brand names can be incorporated into slogans and ad campaigns.  You want ultimate marketability when developing your brand, particularly when naming it.

Feel free to use these tools, or keep it simple by using Namify, the name generator that helps make naming your brand easy and effective.


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