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Finding Love in the Wilderness


“Her legs are a lot shorter than mine and I kept turning around to make sure she was there, but I was walking a lot faster than she was,” said Mr. Poorman, now 33. “At one point, I looked back, and she just wasn’t there. I was pretty shook.”

Her version of the story tells another tale. “We were having very different times,” she said. “He was like, ‘I let this girl go alone in the woods and she’s dead,’ and I was like, ‘It’s a beautiful day in the woods.’”

After they reunited, the two shared a first kiss. “It organically turned into what you might call a first date,” Mr. Poorman said.

A few months later, when he flew to New York to have Thanksgiving with his parents, who live in Bronxville, N.Y., the two had a proper first date.

By Christmas, when he again flew home for the holidays, Ms. Chopra was falling in love. A few months later, on a ski trip together in Colorado, she realized that this was it for her. “He’s goofy and funny and loves adventure as much as I do,” she said.

Mr. Poorman had an epiphany at about the same time. “It’s scary to be dating or trying to date someone long distance, but I remember talking to a friend and they were like, ‘If you actually care about her, screw all the details,’” he said.

On July 24, at the Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle, N.Y., the two were married before around 270 guests in a ceremony that combined both Christian and Hindu elements. The Rev. Samuel T. Clover, a minister of the Reformed Church in America, officiated, with Pandit Arun Dwivedi, a Hindu priest, taking part in the event, which was originally planned for 2020 but was postponed because of the coronavirus.


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