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Get your name out: how financial public relations can help your business

Public relations is arguably more important for finance companies than digital advertising. Why? Because it helps the finance company create a positive image and a reputation for providing the customer exactly what they want out of their service.

But that’s not all that a public relations agency can do for your finance company. There are many positive benefits from enlisting a PR agency to handle your reputation, the likes of which will look at below:

It makes your finance company credible

Okay, let’s not sugarcoat it: the finance industry doesn’t have the best reputation. For this reason alone, it can be incredibly difficult for finance companies – especially new ones – to build a solid, trustworthy reputation amongst a public that immediately views their business as suspect (sorry, but it’s true).

This is why a PR agency is the very best partner you can have at your disposal. Through an intelligent, thoughtful PR campaign, you can build business credibility in a way that makes people immediately trust your brand despite what they may think about other banks, credit unions, lenders etc.

PR is highly cost-efficient

One major goal a PR agency has is to receive free editorial coverage for your business. Say you run a credit union, and you are looking to promote a brand new product that is going to change the way people take out loans.

One of the very best ways to create a buzz about this product is to have a PR agency use its contact network to receive free coverage for your product. You don’t have to worry about paying for advertising space or even sponsored content – the right PR agency can ensure your brand and product is out there and ready for your target audience to get around it.

It can link to your website

Digital marketing and PR go hand-in-hand these days in the way that PR can effectively boost your company’s SEO and digital status through an effective campaign.

By having your brand and products featured on an array of media/news sites, your website can receive valuable external links that when potential leads click on them they won’t only potentially buy your product but they will also be boosting your digital status.

The more people view your site the more Google views it as credible – something that is very important for taking on the pre-existing big players in the Australian financial industry.

PR helps you become the industry thought leader

A well-planned PR campaign that evokes your business authority will make your brand an industry leader. And, if there is one thing a lead loves most, it’s knowing that the company they have chosen knows their stuff and is passionate about sharing it with the public.

By working with the media to produce valuable industry insights, potential leads from across the country will be able to see that you know the industry and that you can be trusted when it comes to the product.

Trust is all-important when it comes to finance and PR, and producing a campaign that makes you as credible, insightful and reliable as possible can only be a very good thing for business.

PR can find your target audience

An effective PR campaign can have your business receive free editorial coverage in some seriously valuable outlets. This is especially so when it comes to finances – you know that your target audience will be reading about you and they will most likely be interested in finding out more.

With this in mind, PR is easily one of the most effective ways to build a finance company brand.


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