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Facts You Should Know About Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin also known as Trino Marin is the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera (known as Dolores Saavedra for public eyes). Jose Trinidad was born on February 15, 1964. Born in United States and Aquarius is his zodiac sign. His ex-wife Jenni Rivera was an incredibly famous American musician and singer. Jenni was also a enthusiastic actress, philanthropist an entrepreneur and a spokesperson. Like Jose Trinidad, Jenni was also well-known as a TV producer.

Jose Marin Biography

Trino Marin refers to the actual title of jose trinidad-marin. Born on February 15th, 1964 located in California, United States. Trino is well-known due to the real-name. Jose is also from the Christian Family and owns a blended tradition. Before he got married, Jenni Rivera (ex-wife) Jose Trinidad was a name that was not well-known to the general public. Jenni is well-known in the world of media due to her singing, acting and singing abilities.

The couple decided to keep their private lives secret after they were in a relationship. There is limited information on the internet regarding the couple. Jose Trinidad had his first meeting with Jenni Rivera at the age of high school, when she was just an teen.

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Prior to being wed with Jenni Rivera Trino Marin had a job as an executive in a Mexican American cafe. Jose Trinidad Marin’s profession was the sole way to earn a living for the couple. In essence, Jose is from Mexico as he holds an American Mexican passport. The parents of Trino’s were raised in Mexico prior to his permanent move into America. United States. The exact date of his move to America is not yet known.

Jose Trinidad Marin Profile Summary

The real name is Jose Trinidad Marin (also known as Trino Marin)

Date of Birth: Feb 15, 1964

Birth Place: United States

Nationality: American-Mexican

Marital Status: Divorced

married to Jenni Rivera (real name Dolores Saavedra)

Professionalism: Retired Administrator Manager at the American-Mexico restaurant.

In the month of September in 1991 Rivera revealed her 3rd pregnancy. Michael is Trino’s youngest child. Following divorce, both were involved in a big court case for the custody of their child. The court announced its verdict in favorable favor of Rivera and she won the custody of the kids.

In various fields, all three their children have been successful. Marin’s first child Chiquis ( Check out Chiquis’s Instagram page Chiquis Rivera’s profile Chiquis Rivera) took the path that her mom took. She’s making big moment in her singing career. The other two children of Trino have started their professions with roles as English actor on American and Mexican television series.

What is the Net Worth of Trinidad Marin?

According to our sources, Jose Marin holds possession of between 600000USD and 800000USD. Trino was fired from his previous management position. According to his statements there was a person who started a rumor about he was looking to establish sexual relations with his colleagues. However, after questioning the matter was revealed that it was not an unsubstantiated rumor. Jose also was a violent coworker.

The dispute in the Jose Trinidad Family

In addition to his fame as a celebrity’s spouse, Jose crossed his lines with Jenni’s younger sister. In 1997, Jenni’s Rivera sister admitted to being a victim of the abuse and assault on Jose Marin. In an open letter Jenni’s sister admitted that Marin did not just sexually assault her, but also harassed his older daughter Chiquis. Following the report of the physical evaluation, it was evident that Trino was assaulting his own daughter Jaqueline as well as Chiquis.

Following the assault case, which was made public, Jose Marin got sentenced to 9 years in jail. In April 2006, Marin was announced 31 years in prison due to his alleged assault and sexual assault. He was also accused of abuse of his spouse Jenni. The singer divorced from Trino in the year 1992.

Trial of Jenni Rivera Ex-Husband Jose Trinidad

Prior to announcing Jose for the first time in court it was decided to conduct a one-year legal battle between Trino and the actor. Trino. After the trial the court handed down that it would sentence Marin to life imprisonment for the next 31 years. to Marin. It was also made explicit that there won’t be an early release for good behavior.

In the courtroom all relatives of Trino were in attendance at the hearing (including all of his children). Jose has been a victim of harassment and mistreatment his daughter Chiquis from the age of 8 until 12 years old. However, at the hearing Chiquis made her position clear and declared “I have forgave my father and continue to love him. He might think I hide him. However, the fact will never alter the fact that he is my father”.

Death of Jenni River

Jenni Rivera passed away in an air collision on December 9, 2012. The time she died was when she was traveling on Learjet 25. There was a slight issue in the aircraft’s engine which resulted in an air crash. The plane crashed into Monterrey Mexico. Alongside River six other passengers died in the accident.

Jenni Rivera was scheduled to travel in Mexico for a music event which didn’t happen because of the incident. On December 31, 2012, her last recitations were performed in her home town of Long Island. Rivera is buried in The All Souls Chapel & Cemetery.

Jose Marin’s Relationship with His Daughters

In spite of the conflict and allegations of assault against Trino Marin, his entire family of daughters are in good terms with the former president. His oldest daughter Chiquis was also at the wedding. Chiquis also has her own YouTube channel. Chiquis shared the entire chat between her and Jose via her website. In that video Jaqueline was attentive to Jose’s call before handing over the phone over to Chiquis.

After spending many years in prison the her younger daughter Jaqueline had a reunion with her dad Jose in the year 2017. She shared photos of her meeting together with Jose online, and asked for the public (especially their aunt) to accept Jose. Chiquis’ YouTube vlog Chiquis demonstrated the fact that Jose Trinidad Marin is still in good standing with his daughter despite creating a confusing childhood vision.

Where is Jose Trinidad Marin?

As per a story it was all part of the reports in the news that Jose Trinidad was getting out of prison for maintaining his good conduct. On the 28th of August an uncle of Trinidad appeared publicly for the first time in the past years. The man said that he didn’t have any information about Jose getting out of prison. He also stated that Jose is healthy in the jail.

A few people have were also on the petition to the reasons why Jose should not be released from prison. This is a sign that people are still angry about what happened to Trino and don’t want him to go. Rosie Rivera also said that If Jose is willing to take part, he is welcome at one of the meetings. Rosie has a variety of saviors as well as centers of sexual harassment.

Trial Details of Jose Trinidad Marin

According to reports in the media, Jose Trinidad Marin was sentenced to prison for approximately 6-8 crimes. After a number of months of trial in 2007 the court declared that Jose was the one responsible for a variety of sexually sexy acts with minors sexual assault, aggravated and sexy and harassed minors. The court ordered the sentence of 31 years in prison for Trino.

In two instances, Jose appealed to the court to have his punishment reduced and asked to be released on the condition of good conduct. The council denied his request to grant him his release. In an interview on Univision, Rosie Rivera first time, she spoke about the sexual assault and assault.

She said, “She was playing with Chiquis when Chiquis came into the room. He requested that she come out with a blanket along with her. He also asked Rosie to play games of love with him. Rosie exclaimed that Jose touched the neck of her and kissed her in a place where nobody touched her.” Chiquis Rivera also admitted that her father a few occasions abused her between the ages of 8 to 12 years old.

Interview with Chiquis. Chiquis stated that she was once on a beach morning with the family. She said “We had a lot of fun playing in the sand. When she had to go for a bathroom break to rid herself of the sand, her father was with her. She was naked at the time , and his father placed on his knees. At that time, her father began molesting her, even in public places.

According to various sources and interviews, Jose Trinidad Marin once was sexually assaulted and molested by his employees in the restaurant. These acts were the primary reason he was dismissed from his position. When he was a witness to an hearing Court allowed Marin to speak about allegations, but he took everything.Jose Trinidad told the court that he’s shameful of his horrible actions and is receiving what he is due. Furthermore, he stated that he would never speak with his daughters in person because of the crimes he committed. The court of sentence for Jose Marin was held in Long Beach Superior Court.

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