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Experity EMR and marketing 360: reviews 2022

Are you worried about your software update? We bring you the solutions for all your problems by introducing you to marketing 360 emr and Experity EMR. So let us cut short and take you directly to the valid details about marketing 360 EMR. Marketing 360 is a cloud-based platform suited for entrepreneurs, but they also sync well with small and medium-sized organizations or practices. Be it social media campaigns or SEO optimization; marketing 360 caters to all functions required by the organizations. Moreover, it also helps users create web pages and templates that they might use for visibility. Let us now look at the features and reviews of marketing 360 so that you have a clear idea of the software.

Marketing 360 EMR Reviews

We bring you the reviews of marketing 360 because we care about our readers and the amount of valid information they must have about the software they might use. Therefore, we have separated the reviews into pros and cons for a better understanding. Let us look at the reviews thoroughly now.


• Users had a great experience using the software, and they said that the best thing about using marketing 360 was the easy-to-use interface. In addition, they said they were happy to see how there were no glitches, and the functionality was smoother than others.

• One of the other valuable reviews about marketing 360 was the software’s customer service. Many users noted that they had the best experience with the customer service as they were accommodated on every issue they faced while using the software.

• Some other reviews revolved around the project’s campaign through the software. The users noted that by using marketing 360, they could represent better and promote their project or organization. They said they benefitted from the expertise.

• Users noted that the software’s working proved to be very beneficial for them as they readily use it and that it works well for all ages.

• Some users said that the marketing 360 review they chose due to its features, making their work very easy and less time-consuming.


• However, some people did not have a good experience using the software. Some of them noted that improvements are to be made in the social media tools. In addition, they said that some devices are more complicated to use than others.

• Some of the other complaints that people had were about the pricing of the software. The users said they were paying a lot more than the price. However, they noted that the pricing is to be taken into consideration.

• Some of the other reviews revolved around the calendar feature of the software. The users noted that the option to tie the calendar into another was unavailable. They said that they would like to see that option being available.

Experity EMR

Experity is a cloud-based electronic medical record system. It offers practice management, medical billing, and other services. It has been the best software for providing solutions to all healthcare problems. It offers many specialties, including occupational medicine, primary care, and pediatrics. It is adaptable to desktop and mobile phones, stretching its range to a reasonable level. It caters to organizations of all sizes. When we talk about its working, it is to be noted that it has a complete workflow and charting solution. Let us now look at its reviews.

Experity EMR reviews

Since we value our readers and want them to have a clear idea of what people say about software, we have separated the reviews into pros and cons. So let us look at them.


• Many users had a great experience using the software. Some of them noted that the best part about the software is that it is straightforward to use. The interface of the software is easy and smooth.

• There were some positive reviews, and we shall begin with that; some of the users said that the best part about experity ehr is that the practice analytics reporting system proved beneficial for their business. The claims entry was easy as well. Overall, they had a great experience using the software.

• Another valuable review revolved around the billing setup. The reviewer wrote that the best part of the software was the easy setup of billing. They also noted that the features are very beneficial for the daily use of the software.

• Another user noted that they picked and valued experity emr because the software is user-friendly.

• One of the other users noted that the software is comprehensive and flexible, making it easy to use for multi-specialty practices.


• Some users did not have a good experience, and they said they did not have the functionality to integrate with other programs. They said that they should be able to integrate with programs to track patient systems.

• Some users also said that the instant message platform should be improved.

• Another problem that many people faced revolved around web checks. They said that reporting also doesn’t work at times. Financial tracking is also seen as a problem by the users.

• Some users also noted how the posting features are disjointed. For example, the payments are treated from different entities. The users said that the problems seemed to be confusing for them.

• Some of the users had other reservations; they noted that the reporting system seemed to be limited. Due to the limited reporting, much information was either lost or displaced.

Our Thoughts

Experity emr and marketing 360 emr are the two most useful software available. Both software has uplifted the quality of the healthcare system by providing extraordinary services. Their goal is to comfort their users, and they have done that. However, before choosing the software, know about the requirements of your project or practice. So, get on with the best software and thank us later.


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