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Etowah High School , Georgia

Overview of Etowah High School

Etowah High School has been rated as 65th within Georgia. Students are able to be able to take advanced Placement(r) courses and tests. There is an AP(r) student participation at Etowah High School is 40 percent. The minority total enrollment at this School is 38% and 23 percent of students are economically marginalized. This School is 1 of the six high schools that are part of Cherokee County Public Schools. 

Etowah High School 2023 Rankings

It placed at number 2,904 according to the National Rankings. Schools are evaluated based by their performance on the state-mandated tests, graduation rates and the extent to which their students are prepared for university. Find out more about our methodology for determining the Top Schools for High School.

All Rankings

  • #2,904in National Rankings
  • #65in Georgia High Schools
  • #53in Atlanta, GA Metro Area High Schools
  • #3in Cherokee County Public Schools High Schools

Ranking Factors

The way Etowah High School performed nationally and across the state out of 17,843 nationally-ranked schools, and 414 schools in Georgia.

Students/Teachers at Etowah High School

The numbers as well as percentages of students and teachers come from the data provided from schools and the federal government.

Total Enrollment


Test Scores at this School

U.S. News calculates these figures for schools by analyzing student scores on state-required exams as well as internationally accessible exams on college-level course work (AP(r) or IB tests).

College Readiness Index


School Data

The information on school profiles is based upon government data.

Graduation Rate

93 93% (somewhat higher than the that of the median for state)

Grades Served



Large Suburb

Charter School


Magnet School


Eligible for Title I Funding



This information is pertaining to high schools that are run by the school’s state operating agency. A lot of districts have only one school.


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