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How to organize effective cooperation with a software development company?

The modern digital age has had a huge impact on the software market. Software applications, AI systems, modern technologies have become the basis of competitiveness. Moreover, to launch and support a software solution, most often there are not enough resources of their own staff. Outsourced software development services are essential for your success today.

Recruiting staff on the side or using the services of an outsourcing team is quite a normal practice even for a company where there is no staff shortage. Transnational corporations launch applications to audiences in various parts of the world and developers who know the “local” promotion conditions are needed for advice and practical experience.

In any format of cooperation: attracting additional personnel or an outsourced team, it is necessary to coordinate the process, provide for an organizational structure, and areas of responsibility, and avoid “conflict of goals” between full-time specialists and a team on the side as much as possible.

The importance of teamwork in multitasking

Team collaboration is not to be underestimated. Without common goals, cooperation, solidarity, conflicts will arise. To implement a complex project, introduce technologies, upgrade or launch a startup, the sum of the efforts of all team members is required.

It is also worth considering that collaboration within the working group increases productivity. With competent interaction of full-time employees with a remote development team, the effectiveness of cooperation, the exchange of experience and motivation increase. Practice shows that employees involved in the process are better motivated and cope with difficulties more easily.

Division of responsibility

Often, deadlines are broken due to internal conflicts. When it comes to collaboration with a remote team, it is important to clearly define the working conditions, the competencies of the remote team, and the area of ​​responsibility of full-time and remote employees.

In practice, when two teams are working on the same project, it is important to compile the workflow on time. Each team working on a particular piece of code should be able to test the prepared module in the context of project health. Intermediate testing is a necessary detail just when collaborating with remote teams when the need for control is especially relevant.

Justified criticism and potential risks

The ability to freely express assumptions and, if necessary, criticize, determine the democratic workflow, which is sometimes very important in a multitasking environment. Justified criticism allows you to better understand the real mood of the team, prevent conflicts and coordinate work, taking into account amendments.

Joint projects practically cannot do without critical amendments. It is better to give each participant in the workflow the opportunity to express themselves, listen to others and accept their mistakes. You can learn more about possible risks here:

Delegating Priorities

When prioritizing the development of an IT product, it is appropriate to stick to a simple gradation: ease of use, security, reliability, performance. Given the high proportion of individuality, these principles may not be respected. For example, for the development of a game engine, the main priority is performance, while for a banking solution, reliability is primarily needed.

Priority strictly depends on the complexity of the project and the characteristics of the product niche. In any case, the customer must comply with priorities and delegate the work of the team based on the timing, terms of reference and the availability of resources.

Documentation and community

For the end user, an undocumented function – does not exist in real terms. In the history of IT product promotion, there are many cases where the quality of documentation has played a decisive role. For example, the Vue framework by Eqvan Yu gained popularity due to its detailed documentation in Chinese. It was more convenient and easier for developers in the Celestial Empire to use the product in their native language, as a result, the popularity of Vue has grown dramatically compared to its peers.


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