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Edward Luce ‘s Biography

U.S. National Editor and columnist of the U.S. National Editor and Columnist for The nancial Times, Edward Luce is one of the newspaper’s most well-known journalists as well as “one of the top journalists of the present.” He was an ex-speechwriter of Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, he is highly regarded by policymakersand politicians, and leaders. His columns are frequently the most read of The FT website.

In his lectures, Edward Luce brings an insider/outsider perspective on American economics, politics, and geopolitics. His international perspective offers global perspective on what the next phase of employment will bring as well as the biggest problems facing the West which include the rise of populism as well as the declining middle class. The book of Luce, The Retreat of Western Liberalism, examines the decline in the western hegemony as well as the crisis of liberal democracy that of that Donald Trump and his European counterparts are not the reason however, they are merely the manifestation.

As per Edward Luce “What we do not know is whether the current democratic recession can turn into an international Depression.” The New York Times described the book as “insightful and frightening.” A portion of the book was published in The Atlantic (The Changing of the Global Economic Guard). The Washington Post’s notable 50 non-fiction books of 2017 ‘ The Retreat of Western Liberalism‘ is an Amazon Top 100 book of the year as well as an official Financial Times as well as Economist best-selling bestseller of 2017. The previous book he wrote, Time to Start Thinking: America in the Age of Descent was described as “a superb depiction of America.” The author wrote “In Spite of Gods” which was praised in The Economist as “likely to be the most authoritative book on India for a long time in the years to come.”At the FT, Edward Lucie has also been the Washington director, Capital Markets editor, correspondent for the Philippines and South Asia bureau chief.

The articles and commentary of Edward lucie which have attracted much attention in the last year include: “The boy who escaped Trump country,” “Britain’s Voyage to Inglorious Separation,” as well as “Donald Trump leaves Angela Merkel to advocate for Liberal values.” Alongside his FT co-author Rana Foroohar, he writes “Swamp Notes” an twice-weekly newsletter about power and money under Donald Trump’s America and the major issues that drive business, politics and markets.

A graduate from Oxford University in Politics, Economics and Philosophy and earned his post-graduate diploma on journalism at City University, London. He has been a frequent presenter in the news on PBS NewsHour, NPR, and C-SPAN

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