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DISNEY MAGIC Encanto family tree: Who are the members of the Madrigals?

The animated Disney hit Encanto has rapidly become an instant family favorite, providing music for the whole family encanto family tree.

The heartwarming story of an ordinary girl discovering herself in her family of extraordinary has won fans all over the globe. With the variety of characters within families, virtually everyone will be able to find someone to connect with.

Who are the people in The Encanto’s Madrigal Family tree?

The heartfelt story centers around Mirabel and her family, the entire Madrigal family as well as their wonderful gifts are a part of telling the story.


The main character of the movie, Mirabel’s story starts as she discovers that she is the sole family member without an enchanted power.

While she is feeling left out and doesn’t think she’s unique, Mirabel might end up being the most significant family member ever because she discovers that there’s much more than just having supernatural abilities.


While Mirabel does not feel valued, Isabela is the opposite she is able to regulate plant life and make everyone believe she’s the ideal child.


The super strong Luisa has the title of middle sibling of the Madrigal clan – however, her huge muscles hide her true feelings throughout the film.

Augustin and Julieta

The Madrigal parents could not have been more distinct.

Her father Augustin is a normal man, who was a bit clumsy and was a part of the magical family via the gifted mother Julieta.

The town doctor Julieta is able to heal through her food.

Aunt Pepa and Uncle Felix

Another blend of mundane and extraordinary family members, the uncle and aunt add an additional dimension to the Encanto tale. encanto family tree

Aunt Pepa is able to influence the weather with her fiery emotions. But she’s lucky to have Felix around to prevent her from getting beyond control.


Nosey Dolores is unable to avoid knowing the family’s secrets, as her incredible hearing makes her aware of the conversations of everyone else.


The Madrigal’s most senior son Camilo can fool anyone thanks to his unique shapeshifting abilities that allows him to instantly transform into everybody else’s identical twin.


Bruno is blessed with the ability of seeing the future. He is”the black sheep’ in the family.

Bruno’s visions cause him to be exiled from the family and they never even speak about him until the truth about his feelings towards his family are revealed.


The youngest cousin Antonio has the ability to talk to animals, and is also Mirabel’s most beloved family member. Even though she doesn’t possess magic powers, Antonio still looks up to her for important lessons.


The family’s grandpa is only a small portion of the film, but the grandfather played a major role in the survival of the family before the plot began in the movie, when he gave himself up to save his family from the invaders.

Abuela Alma

The first basis of magic for the entire family. Abuela Alma was Mirabel’s grandma.

The matriarch of the family is responsible for her family over all others.

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