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Kid-Friendly Digital Signage Content for Patient Centers

There is almost always some frustration and anxiety when going to the hospital. That, on top of the pain you may be feeling from whatever ailment has you requiring medical attention. For kids, these feelings are amplified.

Even when kids are only accompanying their parents or other adults, it can all be quite unsettling. But not so much when these facilities have made an effort to create child-friendly healthcare spaces.

Above all, children’s hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can achieve this in various ways. One of these ways is by displaying child-friendly content on your digital signage solutions. Indeed, the right content will have a lasting impression on the kids. Here is a highlight of some great examples of digital signage content for kids for healthcare providers

1. Digital Welcome Board

It’s about first impressions. Kids will also feel more comfortable when they are more aware of their surroundings. However, having to ask where they may only add to their anxiety levels. There is an extensive collection of templates to help you craft a creative welcome board for your facility’s lobby, complete with a warm welcome message alongside your hospital name and logo.

2. Digital Directories and Maps

First-time visitors may run into some trouble finding their way around your hospital. This can be very frustrating for adults, and for kids. Therefore, it will no doubt border on upsetting as feeling lost will only build up their anxiety.

With digital directories of your building and maps displayed on a digital signage screen placed strategically throughout your facility, patients and visitors will have an easier time finding their destination. With navigation made easier, the kids can keep calm, following their parents’ lead to get to their appointment.

3. Entertainment

Video walls are an excellent fit for displaying video content that will entertain guests and keep them distracted to reduce anxiety. Some animations, cover of sporting events, and more can help calm the viewers’ nerves.

In health facilities, it’s better if you can have that soothing and calming effect. Kids especially respond well to slow music, so you can queue that up on your media player device. So, it should be easy to find this kind of music on the internet to upload and add to your playlist.

Another entertaining type of content the kids may like is social media feeds. Anything relating to social media will catch the attention of the young ones, which should provide some much-needed distraction to help reduce anxiety.

4. Health and Wellness Tips

Use your digital displays to educate young and old visitors on the best health and wellness tips. Accompany these tips with great visuals and demos, and you can be sure it will catch the kids’ attention and is a great pick for digital signage content for kids.

Not only is this a good distraction, but it’s also great to have the kids pick up on something to help them take better care of themselves. This way, your digital signage system may promote good health and reduce the frequency of return visits.

5. The Hall of Fame-A Brief Intro

Kids can get very nervous around new faces. Now, if you’ve used your digital screens in the hallways to introduce your staff beforehand, then it will change things. As a result, display pictures of your doctors and their achievements.

The kids can catch some of this information and will undoubtedly be more at ease when it’s their turn to go in and see the doctor only to meet what is now a familiar face. Therefore, this familiarity will encourage the kind of engagement that will make the consultation more productive.

6. Digital Menu Boards

Having a cafeteria within the hospital premises is always a good idea. Kids can get especially grumpy when hungry, and it’s better if parents don’t have to drive to the other side of town to get food for their kids and then drive back to the hospital. Hence, have digital signage displays to help visitors find their way to your cafeteria.

What’s more, showcase your menu items with digital menu boards. Kids respond well to and like the visually attractive menu board better than the traditional paper-based menu boards. They will have an easier time choosing what they’d like to order off the menu.

Final Thoughts

As outlined, you need to be deliberate with the type of content you select for your digital signs, especially in a facility that gets many kids coming in at any one time. Engagement of the child and creating a therapeutic environment are some goals of creating child-friendly healthcare spaces. Achieve both goals, and much more when you get the right content in front of your visitors, as displayed on your digital signs.

Above all, get professional help with tailoring digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry to suit your visitors. This covers selecting the right mix of hardware, software, and digital signage content for kids for your audience.


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