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Are you someone looking to learn the skills and practices needed for best delivery of digital services and products? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have gathered the details about the latest ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Course, Chennai, India which is comprehensively designed by the industry experts who want to make their name and earn the skills of excellent execution of delivery services and products of the enterprise.

Knowledgeut brings to you this latest itil foundation course in chennai which is extensively designed as per the industry standards and requirements for the candidates who want to pursue their career in innovative creation and best delivery of digital services and products for best delivery of digital products, services to get optimum value. In this course, you will be given training by a certified partner of AXELOS and an ATO of Peoplecert who will teach you in a unique way so that you get most out of this foundation training course.

Upon the completion of the course, you will become eligible to receive the globally accredited ITIL Foundation Certification which not only validates your knowledge and understanding of the ITIL service value system but also make your profile job-ready for lucrative roles in top organizations.

Let us further see in detail how the ITIL Foundation Certification will help you and what are its benefits that you must attend the ITIL Foundation course.


For all the candidates who are continuously seeking to land on a good job but are still struggling in these tough times, please note that it is time that you put that struggle aside and level up your knowledge and skills as per changing industry demands. This can be done by doing several courses as being offered on Knowledgehut which offers you all a golden opportunity to bet equipped with requisite skill set.

On this note, Knowledgehut is offering the ITIL Foundation Training Course because we know it very well and now wants to bring to your knowledge that ITSM skills are highly in demand across the industry in all over the world. So, you really need to get or up you ITSM skills.

The ITSM skills, if developed, correctly helps the individual benefit their organization in a host of ways and the most predominant amongst it is that the ITSM skills helps the organizations in the successful delivery of IT or digital services to the potential customers. It gives a firm foundational platform for the individuals to leverage its tools and practices and learn to power the collaboration within the IT team, which eventually leads to delivering of high-value in the business.  To gain the ITSM skills, you need to start learning from the basics of ITIL service value system and that starts with getting first acquainted with the core concepts involved in it.

The ITIL Foundation training program, Chennai will be delivered in Chennai, India in a blending learning mode because our aim is that you get most of out of this course from the live lectures from engaging instructors and also self-paced learning as per your convenience. The idea is to meet the demands of all the candidates that’ why the course is delivered in both modes so that you experience a complete immersive learning with our process like recall quizzes, auto-graded assessments, case studies, and much more with practical aspects including.

    II.Why you should get the ITIL Foundation certification?

As per the latest estimates there are more than 45 % of the organizations across the globe who have currently adopted the ITIL framework in their companies for execution of ITSM i.e. IT Service Management. ITIL course is aligned with the multiple international quality standards, to name one, is ISO/IEC 20000 which is an IT Service Management Code of Practice. Because it aligns with several industry standards of international quality, ITIL framework has been adopted by more than thousands of companies in the world, including in India with cities like Chennai.

Now that you know the growing importance of the ITIL framework and its usage in an organization, it is pertinent to equip yourself in the ITSM knowledge and skills. Talking particularly about being an ITSM practitioner in Chennai, you need to gain the requisite skill set in order to work with the latest advancements in the IT service management. The incorporation of ITIL working practices and technologies like the automation and advanced analytics, Cloud in makes sure that the organization will utilize the latest methods and practices of IT functions to leverage the success. So, one must adapt the ITIL framework in their organizational structure.

Please note that being an ITIL professional has its own perks, and one such can be reflected in their annual pay scale. As per the pay scale of Chennai, India, an average ITSM developer earns an annual average salary of Rs. 7, 67, 513 per annum.

The ITIL Foundation Certification helps you in getting a widened understanding of ways to enhance IT services within an organization and be well-informed of the latest advancement of IT service management. It enhances you earning potential to a great extent and makes you eligible to aim for more advanced ITIL certification so that you can accelerate you ITSM job career.


The ITIL Foundation certification course is curated keeping in mind to help the candidates make their impactful career in ITSM by becoming the master of core principles concerning ITIL framework. Upon the completion of the training, you will gain a lot of benefits and skills; some of which are mentioned below:

  • You will be able to create services and products and co-build value with the customers and stakeholders
  • You will be able in efficient application of principles and practices of ITIL to ensure maximum business value
  • Master the core concepts of DevOPs and apply them to Lean Agile to meet organizational desired goals
  • Apply the concept of 4 dimension of service management to multiple areas of service
  • Learn everything about service value chain activities, master them and learn how to build service chain at enterprise level.
  • Gain an understanding of the governance activities and the objectives concerning the management system and services.


There are no set of pre-requirements that you need to satisfy before attending the ITUL Foundation Certification course. It is open for anyone who is interested in developing their skills of service management and want hone it further. So, any beginner or professional can attend the course. However, the best out of the course will be gained by the IT professionals of course, ITSM Managers and aspiring ones, the project and business managers, and business process owners.

The course particular was designed with the aim of helping the professional work in multiple areas of IT field such as product development, digital delivery of services. You can get certified in foundation course first and then can get transitioned to the latest advanced version of ITIL4.

So, enroll today and benefit from the course to accelerate your ITSM skills and knowledge with Knowledgehut.


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