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Denver Mass Shooting : colorado springs nightclub

Denver Mass Shooting : A 22-year old is detained by police following the shooting of at least five people were killed and 19 were wounded in a shooting spree at an LGBTQand nightclub at Colorado Springs late Saturday night.

The initial call regarding shooter’s death at Club Q was received by dispatch about three seconds before eleven:57 a.m. Saturday According to Lieutenant. Pamela Castro, a spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police Department. Initial officers were called around 11:57 p.m. She said and the initial police officer was at the venue at midnight.

The suspect was known by the name of Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22 who was arrested around 12:02 a.m. According to Castro and is currently being treated for injuries in the local hospital.

There are questions as well about Aldrich’s past which authorities from the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office has not yet made a statement on. In 2013 they were detained after making threats of weapons and bombs towards parents in Lorson Ranch neighborhood. The charges were not made in the case. It was reported that the State Court Administrator’s Office said shortly before noon on Sunday it didn’t possess an inventory of “public records” tied to Aldrich in Colorado.

CSPD stated in a news release on Monday that 17 of 19 people injured were shot at least once. wound.

Club Q, in a post on its Facebook page and Colorado Springs officials, said the patrons at the bar fought and subdued an attacker before police arrived.

Colorado Springs police chief Adrian Vasquez said the suspect immediately started shooting when he entered the bar, and two “heroic” people fought with him , and managed keep him from shooting or injuring others.

“We owe them a great debt,” Vasquez declared.

Vasquez claimed that investigators discovered at least two firearms on the scene, and Aldrich employed a long-range rifle during the shooting however, he didn’t specify the model or make.┬áThe officer said they were working on obtaining various warrants for search but the complex and large scene could take a long time to go through.

An interview was conducted by CNN Bartenders at Club Q said he witnessed the heroism of two people who are credited with stopping the violence inside the nightclub.

“I saw what I believe was probably the gunman lying on the ground, getting beat up and kicked and yelled at by two very brave people who I still don’t the identity of those two people,” said Michael Anderson, bartender at Club Q. “I hope I can find out (their identities) one day because I truly believe those two people saved my life.”

Many victims were transported to three local hospitals via ambulances and police vehicles, Colorado Springs Fire Department Chief Randy Royal said. One of those who died was declared dead in an area hospital:

  • Seven patients were referred to Penrose
  • Ten were taken to Memorial Central
  • Two were transported to Memorial North

Lieutenant Castro stated that a few people were injured while trying to escape and was concerned that the number of injured in the shooting may change over the next few days.

Many of the victims of the shooting were still in critical condition on Sunday morning, as per 2 hospital medical chiefs who addressed the 8 a.m. press conference.

Co-Owner of the Club on Denver mass shooting

Matthew Haynes, the co-owner of Club Q, said he was still stunned. He told the media that he heard about the shooting through an employee who phoned him after they had contacted police after shooting began.

Haynes claimed he’s been working in conjunction with law enforcement agencies local to the area agencies and the FBI in response to possible situations like the shooting that occurred following the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando.

“This is the biggest problem that I’ve ever had since Pulse at Orlando. And the worst part is that each time you get a call and you’re not there, each moment you’ve heard a strange sound inside the barthat’s what’s going through the back of your head.”

Haynes claimed that no one of the club’s employees or members knew Aldrich, and they were unable to discover any transactions they’d ever conducted there.

The co-owner stated in the notion that “this was a community of target for him, but not specific people.”

The club has an “Drag Diva Drag Show” on Saturdays according to the website. The club also promoted via its facebook page, along with a brunch on Sundays.


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