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Degoo cloud storage review

Degoo cloud is a consumer-oriented cloud storage solution. It focuses primarily on photos and videos. Degoo also uses some behind the scenes artificial intelligence to highlight your top shots, for instance. This is the same feature that Apple Photos and Google Photos have added to their services.

There is only one web app that can be used on the desktop. It’s the Android and iOS apps who do the bulk of the heavy lifting for Degoo Cloud. Bonus points: there are also apps for the Samsung, Huawei, and Google app stores. Although the service doesn’t have a lot of features, it is worth looking into if you are looking for somewhere to save your photos.

Features of Degoo Cloud

  • Although the Swiss-based company is more costly than others, the one-off payment will ensure that there are no renewal fees. This can be extremely expensive. $3/month is lower than $350 for 10 year.

pCloud offers a lifetime cloud storage subscription
Although the Swiss-based company is more costly than others, the one-off payment will ensure that there are no renewal fees. This can make it very expensive. The cost of $350 per year is lower than the competition. $3 per month.” data-widget-type=”deal”>

Features of Degoo Cloud

  • Degoo at $99.99 per Year

Degoo Cloud doesn’t offer any desktop client or scheduled backups. You only get the web app for Windows and macOS. This is not a complete business backup solution. If you are working on a computer and want to upload files, Degoo will allow you to do so manually. However, Degoo can accept files of all types. Free accounts have a limit of 256MB per file (up from 512MB earlier), but this can be increased to 50GB for monthly subscribers.

Degoo’s mobile apps are where the real magic happens: you can upload files from your camera roll as well as audio and documents. You can upload photos for free but will need to pay a fee to automatically upload other files (such videos).

You can even use the photo storage optimizer tool to store lower-resolution versions of your photos on your tablet or phone, saving space. Full-res images are saved in the cloud, but this feature is only available for paid members. You can use the basic tools for photo editing on the web. However, they feel more like an afterthought in Degoo. Perhaps you shouldn’t cancel your Photoshop subscription yet.

You can stream music and videos from the internet instead of downloading them. If you have enough storage, you can even create your own Netflix or Spotify account. The service has limited playback and sharing options.

Degoo is best viewed as a photo gallery backup app. It will work in many situations without any input from you and will happily run in the background in most cases. It is the ideal companion app for those who enjoy taking photos on their phones with regular backups. This is especially useful for holiday travelers. Although it offers a smooth inter-device experience, it is not as seamless as iCloud Drive’s Photos app. This is because it is an Apple-only product that works across all three iOS, iPadOS and macOS operating systems.

Pricing for Degoo Cloud

Degoo’s free, ad-supported tier – which can be used if you are just starting out with the service or don’t have a lot of photos to store in cloud storage – offers 100GB of storage space that can be used on up five devices. (Previously, this was limited to one device). To keep their account free, users must log in at least once per year.

Degoo allows you to upgrade to 500GB for as low as $2.99/PS1.89 per month or to 10TB for $9.99/PS6.39. The service costs $9.99 per month and removes ads. It also allows you to back up photos and videos from additional devices (10GB for the 500GB plan, and unlimited for 10TB). Encryption is available too.

All accounts, whether paid or not, can increase storage through the nature of friend referals. Every friend who signs up will get you 10GB extra storage on paid plans or 5GB on the free plan, up to 100 friends.

Degoo has a very competitive pricing strategy. For the same price as its 500GB plan users, iCloud Drive or Google Drive only have 200GB access, but this includes a more complete document solution.

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