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“Deepwater Horizon” True Story of Survivor Mike Williams

Mike Williams claims he couldn’t watch the scenes depicting the deaths among his crew members.

Although it has been six years since Deepwater Horizon’s explosion in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig, Mike Williams, a survivor, still holds a fond memory.

Williams told PEOPLE that it “horrifies me.” “I am still not over it.”

Williams was the Chief Electronics Technician at the oil rig and quickly became a voice for the victims of April 2010’s disaster. Williams was among the last to leave the rig. He bypassed lifeboats to save lives of those still trapped. The new movie Deepwater Horizon tells the story of Williams’ dramatic tale and his moments of extraordinary bravery when faced with catastrophe.

Williams, who is played by Mark Wahlberg, said that while he was grateful that Peter Berg wanted to tell his story, it brought back painful memories.

It can be very anxiety-inducing. He reminisces about each of those crucial moments, those time stamps. “It’s very anxiety-inducing.” It was hard to capture all the details because we condensed 12 hours into just two hours. We did capture the highlights and the film portrays the truth.

11 crew members died in the explosion, out of 126. Williams said that he still feels the pain of knowing that they could not be saved.

“We were unable to recover any of the bodies from those who died that night. He says that knowing they didn’t receive a proper burial is probably the most difficult thing. It was just too much. We couldn’t reach them. We didn’t know what to do because it was so chaotic. It was impossible to return once we realized the truth – that 11 men were missing. There was no way back, no way back to try and help them. This is probably the most difficult thing to deal.

The oil spillage that followed was one of the most devastating natural disasters man has ever caused.

Williams said that the events of the night were not only unimaginable but also difficult to accept.

“I lived in my house for about two years. It took me many years to overcome severe PTSD and survivor’s guilt. Although I am not yet completely healed, I can now function in public. I was unable to be in a crowded place for the first 18-24 months. I could not see exits and couldn’t go anywhere else. All of these things were extremely difficult. “

Even today, the “sound” of a helicopter can still cause trauma.

He says, “The sound of helicopters still takes me back that night.” “I guess that last extraction, being one among the 18 critically injured, was medi-vac’d from the Damon Bankston (a nearby water supply boat), but I still have this trigger mechanism that takes me back to that night every time I hear a helicopter.”

Williams was an active participant on the Deepwater Horizon set, helping Berg and the actors navigate the story. However, he was reluctant to see the film after it was finished. Williams brought his psychologist along to the screening “just in case” Williams had a negative reaction.

He recalls feeling conflicted when Berg called him to request a viewing of the film. “I was very hesitant about going to watch it, I suppose, on his terms. I wanted it to be my way. It was not clear how I would handle it. I knew my psychologist would see me. I hoped she would be there to calm me down if I ran screaming from the room. She was always there for me, even though it didn’t work out.

He couldn’t help but to see some scenes.

“We sat down and watched it. There were many scenes that made me cover my face. He describes the scenes that depict the deaths of his crew members as “very difficult” and says he couldn’t watch it. There are four things in the film I didn’t see them film. I did not have any input in the editing of those scenes. It was the first time that I would see them in the final version. Deepwater Horizon

“I wasn’t there, there wasn’t a single witness to the deaths of those who died that night. He says that there were no survivors in any of the spaces where people died. “In the end, only the man above knows what actually happened in those spaces that night. I could only tell [filmmakers] how they should have been acting, what they could have done and who was in those spaces. They were too difficult to watch.

Williams said that despite all the suffering and work involved in his recovery, he was ready to take on the risk to honor the men who had lost their lives.

It’s a meaningful tribute to my 11 brothers. He says that when I agreed to help them with this project it was under the direction of “I have to speak to 11 people who are unable to speak.” “I must tell these guys how they can get this right to ensure their image is in the best light.” This was the motivation behind the whole project.

Deepwater Horizon, starring Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell as well as Gina Rodriguez, Dylan O’Brien and Dylan O’Brien, hits theaters September 30.

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