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What caused the death of Asia Leeshawn Ferguson?

More than ten years ago, 17-year-old Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was killed at a Georgia amusement park when she was struck in the head by a roller coaster. Read on to find out what occurred with the teen.

Brief Recap of the Plot

Amusement parks are a wonderful location to spend time with loved ones and make lasting memories, but they are not always a safe place to visit. As long as individuals obey the rules and regulations, they are generally fairly safe.

However, amusement parks are no stranger to serious mishaps, and some of them are so gruesome that they demand rapid safety upgrades.

The following situation is very similar to that of Asia Leeshawn Ferguson, a young American teen. His head was severed when someone hit him on the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags in Georgia.

A young student, he was said to have lived with his parents and occasionally with an aunt.

People’s interest in roller coaster accidents has been piqued by the latest occurrence, and they eventually found out about Asia’s.

This has led to an increase in inquiries into his death and the identities of his parents and siblings.

Why Leeshawn Was Killed

It has been claimed that Leeshawn Ferguson was murdered by having his head chopped off. After hopping over two tall barriers, he reached the forbidden zone that housed the roller coaster.

A roller coaster rider’s foot smashed into his head and severed it there.

Instantaneously, he was no longer among us. Also, the individual who kicked him in the legs was hurt, but doctors were able to fix his legs.

When police arrived, they investigated potential motives for his admission into the off-limits region but came up empty. They investigated why there weren’t any security personnel present, but that didn’t end up helping anyone.

Neither the police nor anybody else in the park could explain his motivation for entering a forbidden area and subsequently breaching two gates.

Officials have speculated that he may have lost his hat during the ride and returned to the station to reclaim it.

In-Laws of Leeshawn

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson’s parents are Asian Ferguson III and Letha Ferguson. About their lives and whether or not they had any other children besides Asia, we know very little.

They were shocked that he had broken through two gates to get on the roller coaster, and they grieved for him. Asian had an aunt who was like a sister to him and a vital part of his family.


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