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Daily skincare regimen

What we do not do to make our face shine with beauty and health. The use of dermal fillers, cosmetics or pharmaceutical care products, massages … And all these steps are right to feel confident. Careful, but m ‘ Quality cosmetics, selected according to specific skin types and their main problems, will protect your skin from harmful external influences such as the sun, hot or cold climates, and polluted air. can also help soothe irritated skin, restore its health and prevent the development of skin diseases.

Facial skincare: how and why

“The skin is your largest organ. It consists of millions of cells that are renewed every 28 days. ” Is biology enough to understand the importance of maintaining healthy skin?

Facial skincare should be the thing you can’t imagine your day without. Regardless of your age and lifestyle, your day should start and end with the obligatory stages of facial care:

  1. Cleaning;
  2. Toning;
  3. Moisturizing (morning facial) and nutrition (evening facial).

Remember the main rules of facial skincare

Wash with a facial cleanser, not soap or body cleanser. The face needs special care. Only specially designed facial cleansers not only completely clean the skin from makeup and dirt, but also saturate the skin with useful and safe components.

YES to moisturizing! Even oily skin can become overdried due to improper care. The skin of all types needs hydration to stay healthy and look good.

Activate processes! Twice a week, help your skin to renew itself by applying a scrub, and include targeted products (blackheads, wrinkles, etc.) in your daily facial care if you have certain skin imperfections and want to get rid of them faster.

The main enemies of your skin

Do you think it’s too early to think about skin health because age-related changes are still far away? We have two news for you. Bad: Age is not the main factor that affects the health of the skin. Good: now you know the “names” of all the enemies and have a powerful weapon against them.

Environmental pollution

How it affects the skin: activates the damaging effects of free radicals, and blocks pores.

How to protect yourself: cleansing, exfoliation, facial cosmetics with antioxidants.

Solar radiation

How it affects the skin: dries the skin, and leads to early signs of aging (wrinkles, pigment spots, loss of skin elasticity).

How to protect yourself: 2in1 remedies with SPF factor.


How it affects the skin: activates the damaging effects of free radicals, and can cause acne.

How to protect yourself: facial cosmetics with antioxidants, salicylic acid.

Blue light (gadgets, LED TVs, artificial lighting)

How it affects the skin: penetrates the skin deeper than ultraviolet rays of the spectrum A and B, promoting the appearance of free radicals.

How to protect yourself: facial cosmetics with antioxidants.


How it affects the skin: reduction of collagen and loss of elasticity, slowing down the recovery process in the skin.

How to protect yourself: cosmetics for the skin with retinol and resveratrol.

Moisturizing is the most important friend of your skin

We can just rinse our face with water, but is that enough? The dermis will absorb some of this water, but most of the moisture will come from our internal reserves.

And if it is overdried, it does not mean that the reserves are over, just it has lost the ability to retain moisture. And moisturizing masks, tonics, and creams are designed to restore it.

How many times do you need to do this procedure to avoid harm? Previously, there was an opinion that once a day is enough, but the practice has shown that this should be done “on-demand” of the body, ie when there is a feeling of tightness.

Quality facial skincare: how to choose cleansers and tonics

Contrary to popular belief, washing with water does not cleanse. Soap is also not suitable, it changes the natural slightly acidified pH towards alkaline. This weakens the protective functions of the skin and destroys the lipids that protect it. As a result, we get dryness, early wrinkles, and sensitivity.

For cleaning, choose products that

  • act carefully, with natural ingredients and without aggressive surfactants;
  • suitable for skin type and condition;
  • do not contain allergens, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Self-care is a guarantee of confidence and health. Do not neglect daily care.


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