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Cynthia Davis Spencer Story details

Cynthia Davis Spencer lawsuit story : Jones paid $375,000 to her mother, whom he met when she was an American Airlines operative in Little Rock, in exchange for confidentiality, but he did not acknowledge paternity, according to documents filed with the lawsuit, which are now under seal at the request of Jones’ attorney pending a hearing on whether they should remain sealed. ESPN and the Dallas Morning News allege that Little Rock attorney Don Jack established trusts for Davis and her mother, Cynthia Davis Spencer. When she and her kid were featured on the reality TV show “Big Wealthy Texas,” Spencer presented herself as a single mother living off an inheritance.

Davis, a graduate of SMU who served in the Trump White House and currently works for former White House physician U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, wants the court to acknowledge her as Jones’ daughter and release her from the confidentiality agreement her mother signed when she was one year old.

According to the petition, Alexandra Davis was to receive “certain monthly, yearly, and exceptional money” from the trusts until her 21st birthday, followed by lump sums on 24, 26, and 28. But, she was prohibited from attempting to establish paternity. Davis asserts that the agreement, as it pertains to her, is invalid in Texas.

According to reports, after Davis’s mother separated, a paternity test determined that her ex-husband was not the father; hence, he was not responsible for paying child support. According to the records, when Davis, who was separated from her husband at the time of her alleged affair with Jones, informed Jones that he was the father, he stated that he was infertile. He has three children, all of whom were born several years before Davis and are currently employed with the Cowboys.


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