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Who is Craig Sienema ? Profile and details

Overview of Craig Sienema

Young and entrepreneurial Mr. Craig Sienema hails from Florida, his native state in the United States. He is the CEO of some small businesses, including Case Strategies, Justice Funds, IT Strategies Group, and Signal Funding. Also, he co-founded and served as CEO of the successful movie “Claimed Ruler.”

He has extensive knowledge of insurance and financial planning techniques. The former employee worked for numerous financial companies before becoming the CEO, including Hurricane Wilma. He was, therefore, fully aware of what was expected of the banking sector and insurance claims. His success as an entrepreneur is a result of this.

Why is Craig so well-known?

Craig Sienema’s IT strategy team developed this cutting-edge type of insurance due to his recent invention, known as the “oil claim calculator.” Also, it helped many people affected by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Tragedy. People received more than $2 billion in compensation because of the inventions of his team.

ABC News and CBS News’ “London Times, 60 Minutes” broadcast highlighted Craig’s inventiveness in using the calculator to estimate oil claims. It was broadcast internationally. This indicates that his work in the area of catastrophe insurance has brought him a great deal of acclaim on a global scale.

Detailed profile of Craig Sienema

Because of Craig’s efforts, many people can now file insurance claims in the event of a disaster. This is because he helped many victims of the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill calamity. Craig has created software that makes it simple for people to claim their monies and fundraising campaigns.

He received his education from The University of British Columbia.

He has a variety of abilities, including entrepreneurship, process improvement, strategy planning, operations management, crowd fundraising, customer service, project management, program management, and crowdsourcing management.

The century’s potential future chief executive officer

Due to his numerous tasks, Craig Sienema also received a brand-new moniker: “serial entrepreneur.” Claim ruler is one of them and is very well-liked by the general populace. A multimillion-dollar business called Claim Ruler operates in the accounting, insurance, and legal sectors.

For the claim ruler, Craig has designed a unique feature. It enables customers to make insurance claims for coverage against natural and artificial catastrophes, including hurricanes, ocean or sea oil spills, and more.

He is mainly concerned with sustainable growth supported by outcomes that can be seen when SaaS solutions are employed. He continually modifies his procedures to take advantage of new technology.


Craig Sienema included a few tidbits of information about the American businessman in the piece. The man is honest, trustworthy, and responsible since his work is consistently customer-focused and not profit-driven.

He has over 25 years of professional experience and has made significant contributions to the nation. Helping others can help people get better. The ideal model is Mr. Craig.



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