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5 Things to Consider When Starting An Ecommerce Business

The vast eCommerce industry is still booming, and a great number of prospective business owners are looking at online sales as a green field of opportunity. Starting a successful eCommerce business, however, involves a great deal of strategic planning. Here are some factors that need to be taken into account before the wheels are set in motion.

Shipping Costs

Ecommerce involves the shipping of products to distribution centers and the shipping of orders to consumers. Both processes entail costs. If you are sending items overseas using an international shipping company, you’ll need to find a cheap transport broker if you want to provide consumers with reasonable costs. Large eCommerce companies use centralized fulfillment centers to speed up and reduce the cost of shipping. Smaller companies typically have to use traditional warehouses, which can drive costs up.

Market Crowding

Ecommerce is a huge industry. Unfortunately, this means that it is highly unlikely that your business will be the only one selling the kinds of products you are intending to offer. Market research is essential when setting up an eCommerce business. If you are entering into a niche that is too crowded, you might end up having to gouge the prices of your products beyond any reasonable level just to compete. Independent retailers will never be able to compete in a price war with giants like Amazon, so it is best to stay away from niches where gouging might be necessary.


Search Engine Optimization – more commonly known as SEO – is a field of marketing dedicated to the alignment of web content to search engine algorithms. An absolutely vast quantity of consumer traffic is routed through search engines like Google. These search engines use algorithms to determine the order in which pages are displayed. Search engine algorithms take contextual factors, image metadata, content quality, and links from around the web into account. SEO is especially important for eCommerce business owners. Consumers need to be able to find a page before they can even comprehend buying from one! SEO tactics include the use of backlinking, tailored content creation, keyword research, and a great deal more.


After careful market research, eCommerce companies need to reach out to potential audiences using carefully constructed marketing strategies. Several kinds of marketing have proven extremely popular with eCommerce leaders. Influencer marketing has become especially prevalent as an eCommerce marketing tactic. Targeted social media advertisement also allows companies to link specific groups of people directly to a selling page. Careful targeting and process simplification are key aspects of eCommerce marketing.

Brand Identity

No matter how broad a range of items your new e-commerce business is going to be selling, it would be best if you still found a way to broadcast a clearly defined and instantly recognizable brand identity. Brand identity should be developed with the aid of careful market research. What aesthetics and language speak to and reflect the values of your target audience? Brand identity strategy should influence every aspect of company development.


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