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Top 5 Computer For Trading

Whether you’re a serious trader or a casual toe-dipper, you’re going to need a capable computer. Typically, your desktop will need to process several tasks to keep you updated with the markets. However, choosing a computer is easier said than done, especially when there’s so much choice. Therefore, we’ve compared the specs and gathered the top five computers for trading.

Lenovo IdeaCentre A340

Lenovo has worked hard to make a great name for themselves in the business world, and they offer a great line of Lenovo Desktops for Trading, which includes the IdeaCentre A340. This all-in-one PC looks slick and is targeted perfectly at the trader on a budget. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t cope with tracking the charts. Inside, you will find an Intel UHD graphics card paired with the Intel Celeron J4005, which will be more than enough for your needs.

Dell Inspiron Gaming PC

If you’re into trading on the sly but want to use your computer for other projects as well, the Dell Inspiron Gaming PC is a great choice. The computer is designed with noise reduction in mind, which will help you concentrate for longer. Further, if you’re looking to easily transfer all of your existing files onto the hard drive, you will be happy to hear that it supports USB-C devices.

Orbital Silenced X2000

Serious traders can revel in the beauty of the Orbital Silenced x2000, which is capable of supporting up to six monitors. The power of this computer depends on the depth of your pockets, but it’s said to cope well with up to 128GB RAM, which is overkill for any day trader – unless you’re rendering in 8K on the side. With a dedication to high-powered tasks including scientific research, CAD/CAM, and financial analysis, Orbital provides a lifetime warranty with every purchase – what more can you ask for?

Dell Optiplex 790

Dell is an instantly recognizable brand in the computer space, which is why two of its desktops have made it onto the list. If you’re just starting out as a day trader, this computer will be the perfect addition to your home setup. There is 16GB RAM, which is more than enough to carry out trading tasks and much more. Further, you can benefit from a hard drive of 1TB as standard, which will suit your trading lifestyle well. 

Falcon F-52GT

The Falcon F-52GT desktop delivers high speeds and can analyze large datasets in a short period of time, which makes it a popular choice for traders. You can edit this computer to suit your trading needs, with a maximum thread and core count of 32 and 18 respectively. Further, you will have access to a lifetime of dedicated support, which will help you get back to the markets in no time.

Trading computers need to process multiple tasks simultaneously, and often spread information across numerous screens, which is why they need to be high quality. No matter what your budget or trader status, you will find the perfect computer above.


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