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Colorado geophysicist dragged police officers into the U.S. Capitol

A Colorado geophysicist charged with taking a police officer on steps and being beaten in the face with an American flag in front of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was ordered to be held without bail after an investigation by a prosecutor revealed that the man then attempted to escape to Switzerland and then commit suicide.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Krause located on White Plains, said during an online hearing that he deemed the allegations against Jeffrey Sabol, a 51-year-old born in Utica, New York, “beyond the pale, and it is troubling in a way that is … shocking.”

Krause said that the allegations were “very shocking and deeply disturbing” and Sabol was required to stay in jail because he was a threat to the public and as a threat to escape. Sabol was arrested on Friday early in the morning at Westchester Medical Center.

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“What we observe is the image of Mr. Sabol, part of the group, being dragged by the police officer on the steps of the building in the Capitol which is where the law enforcement officer is repeatedly attacked by a variety of people which includes Sabol. Sabol,” Krause stated.

The judge also watched video footage of Sabol returning to steps after the previous officer was brought down to perhaps search for another person to drag “down those steps into the midst of the mob who were at the Capitol the day.”

Associate U.S. Attorney Benjamin Gianforti stated that Sabol was identified to police officials as the man wearing black gloves in the video. He was wearing the brown or tan jacket and a gray or black helmet and a backpack in green.

“We observe the defendant dragging an officer down a flight of steps just outside of the Capitol,” Gianforti said. “This lets another person nearby to beat the cop with the American flag in a humorous manner, while the police officer is being pulled down the steps.”

The prosecutor also said that other photos depict the defendant with the police baton around the neck of a police officer and “we are convinced that he might have assaulted another officer in order to obtain the baton.”

Gianforti stated that Sabol had provided investigators with “self-serving assertions” that claimed that he was trying to shield the officer, but had also “admitted that he was angry at the time and that circumstances of the day were a blur of “cloudy.'”

Gianforti was impressed by the video evidence and stated: “I would just submit that a photo is worth 1000 words.”

Following the incident the prosecutor claimed that Sabol booked an air ticket to Boston Logan International Airport to Zurich, Switzerland, where Sabol would not be able to extradited to the U.S.

Sabol’s attorney, Jason Ser, argued for his client’s release from bail of $200,000, arguing that Sabol had been employed for many years — Ser claimed that the job of Sabol is one in which he supervises other contractors and employees is to remove unexploded ordnance from test sites for military use and also the assistance of family members that include a long-time wife, a former girlfriend with three children and parents.

He claimed that the video footage of the actions of Sabol’s client was not as clear as had been stated by a prosecutor. He also said that Sabol is currently being charged with civil disobedience-related charges which could result in a maximum punishment of five years of prison.

He claimed that the client was stable, coherent and cooperating in dealing with law enforcement officials after receiving treatment in a psychiatric institution for a week. He then went to Westchester Medical Center. Westchester Medical Center.

The judge as well as the prosecutor referred to Sabol’s suicide attempts after the attack. However, Ser said in pretrial court that his client was no more suicidal.

“I’m sorry for the things that the Mr. Sabol has been through since his departure from the Capitol however I believe it is your honor to say that his suicide attempt could be seen as an act of guilt, and in a certain sense, the ultimate flight attempted,” Gianforti said. “This is one man who can’t accept the fact that he’s being investigated for criminal charges for his actions on January. 6.”


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