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Church Signs for Easter Season

It would seem that most church sign for Easter are crafted to have some humorous or exciting content of some kind. Reading some of these church sign sayings for Easter is certain to provide you with a hearty giggle or two. In recent years, a number of churches have decreased the frequency with which they show church signage in comparison to times gone by. Despite this, some people still do it, and they change the signs on a regular basis so that they reflect the appropriate religious holiday or occasion.

To our great good fortune, the sayings that formerly appeared on church signs for Easter have not been erased. So, the purpose of this post is to provide you with a collection of wonderful sayings that are often seen on church signs throughout the Easter season. You may as well go ahead and highlight some of them as your favourites now that you know you will have at least one.

Eternity is a long time to reflect about where you went wrong, and outstanding church signs sayings for Easter include the following:

  1. Eternity is a long time to think about
  1. A believer is not subject to the influence of death.
  2. My Lord, please help us become the kind of people that our dogs believe we are.
  3. You may go to Hell and celebrate all you want, but you’ll be the meat on the grill there.
  4. Wrinkled with issues to deal with? Come to the House of the Lord to have your faith restored.
  5. Jesus is the dawning of the Son.
  6. The death of Christ at Easter is where the splendour of a new life might be discovered!
  7. When Adam spoke to Eve, what did he say? I’m going to wear the plants that belong to this family.
  8. Getting body piercings rescued our spiritual selves.
  9. After being dead for three days, He has come back to life!
  10. If you’re looking for a location to save money, Walmart isn’t the only option.
  11. He participates in both the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ.
  12. We are not Dairy Queen, but we do offer wonderful Sundays at our restaurant.
  13. Spending time with the Son does not need the use of sunscreen.
  14. Feeling warm? This church operates on the power of prayer.
  15. If you’re having a terrible life, there’s a seat here for you.
  16. Can’t sleep? Are you keeping count? Have a word with the Shepherd!
  17. While your name could be printed on a bottle of Coca-Cola, does it also appear in the Book of Life?
  18. Make it a habit to praise God for more than just your stretchy waistbands.
  19. Workout everyday. Keep in step with the Lord.
  20. Admit your sins and have faith; in glory, he still lives!
  21. Have you been searching for “Mr. Right”? This place is God’s dwelling!
  22. The meaning of Easter shed light on the everlasting spiritual aspect of eternity.
  23. Easter is a narrative, a very important story about redemption.
  24. The prognostication for tomorrow is that God will rule, and the Son will shine.
  25. Going to church thrice a year won’t rescue your soul; you must dedicate your life to following Jesus.
  26. The current heat wave will not last forever. You most definitely don’t want to deal with an everlasting one, do you?
  27. We only celebrate Easter once a year. How often do you do it?
  28. If you continue to use my name in a derogatory manner, I will make rush hour last longer. – God
  29. The first bed to be made in the size of a king was a manger.

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