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Chris Watts Family Murders: More SHOCKING Details Uncovered Behind Bars

The family killer Chris Watts described the murder of the members of his own family in dark notes in prison and claimed that he made two attempts to murder his own daughters.

In an interview with the author Cheryln Cadle from the Dodge Correctional Institution, Wisconsin, in the US, Watts described how he was “thinking about killing” his wife for a few weeks according to the Mail.

Famously, Watts murdered his wife Shannan who was 34 and then smothered both of his daughters Bella and Cece three years old.

Then, he dug a grave for Shannan at a site of work located 40 miles away after which he dumped the remains of his daughters into crude barrels of oil.

The crime shocked residents and everyone else around the globe when they became famous in particular after they were featured in the Netflix film American Murder: The Family Next Door was made available.Watts beat his daughters repeatedly before turning to his wife and saying “her eyes filled with blood”.He mentioned how he remembered the face of her “getting all black with streaks of mascara”.In an email, Watts writes: “August 13th, morning of I went into the girl’s bedroom first, prior to Shanann me and Shanann had an dispute.Incredibly, his two daughters were awake and went with him around the house while he worked on Shannan’s body.She was expecting at the time of her demise.They died at the location of their last resting place in the area in which “Bella is the only one that put up a fight” because “she knew I was killing her”.The killer in jail said: “After Shannan had passed, Bella and Cece woke again. It’s not clear how they got up but they did.”Bella’s eyes were bruised and both girls looked like they had been through trauma.”After dumping Shannan’s body, Chris was looking for an escape with his girlfriend Nicole Kessinger, said he still had a grudge against Shannan following her death and realized she had given birth.He initially claimed that the murders were random however, he later admitted they were planned by him and even mentioning the time that he was sleeping with his two daughters into their beds for the final time.Watts disclosed: “August 12 when I completed putting my daughters in bed, I went away and said , ”This is the final time I’ll be tucking my kids in.””I knew what was going to happen the day before and I did nothing to stop it.”

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