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Chloe Green ‘pregnant with second child’ as she unveils baby bump

Chloe Green has announced she will be expecting her second child by walking out in a handshake with her boyfriend Manuele Thiella, with her baby bump visible for the entire world to be able to see.

the 31 year old former Made in Chelsea star was seen with her businessman partner in south France this past Saturday.

Chloe as well as Chloe, who is 36 years old Manuele Manuele, as the chief executive of a firm known as Royal Yacht Broker – have been the talk of the town since their arrival in 2020 . They are getting ready to have their first child together.

It will also be the second baby for Chloe her father, scandalous Sir Philip Green, the former TopShop CEO Sir Philip Green, as she began her first pregnancy in May 2018.

The Daily Mail broke news of Chloe and Manuele’s joyous announcement and shared photos of the couple enjoying a night out on St Tropez.

Chloe as well as her baby were seen wrapped in a pink leaf-patterned beach kaftan, and walking around in barefoot at the marina.

As Manuele was spotted smiling alongside her wearing blue shorts for swimming and an ethereal blue shirt as they both joined 70-year-old Sir Philip on his boat.The source said: “Chloe unveiled her previous pregnancy in a similar way back in 2018, showing off her first bump as she enjoyed a day on her father’s superyacht in Monaco.”

Jeremy 38 was called a ‘hot felon’ after his mugshot was viralized in 2014. He was offered a modeling contract following his release from prison in 2016.

He first started dating Chloe in 2017 , but the couple broke up in August of 2019.

While Chloe has managed to keep herself away from the spotlight over the past few years, Jeremy has discussed his relationship with her, and also with his ex-wife Melissa Meeks, who he has a 12-year-old son.

In his interview for 2020 that “I am in a wonderful relationship Chloe who is the mother of my two-year-old. Now I also am in a relationship with my mother, who is the father of my youngest son.

“We’re all coparenting. They are incredible mothers.”

Chloe and Manuele’s love story was first announced in June of 2020, with sources in the Mirror in the year 2000: “Chloe has known Manuele for months and they have always been very close friends.”

Rumours suggest that the former reality television star has a lot the same with her boyfriend, who also has a daughter together with her ex-girlfriend Marianna Degiacomo.

The source also said: “They have a lot in common; they’re both parents and are from similar worlds, Chloe is very happy with him. He’s very much been accepted into her family”.

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