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Charli D’Amelio & Chase Hudson “leaked

A series of photos showing TikTok celebrities Charli D’Amelio, and Chase Hudson hugging and kissing have been shared across social media, triggering speculation that they are returning to each other, and also disagreement regarding the source of the pictures.

Charli as well as Chase, often referred to as ‘Lil Huddy The two have been in an off and on relationship since the year 2019. The couple had a highly open breakup in March 2020 following rumors of Chase being not faithful.

Being two of the most prominent stars on TikTok maintaining their relationship in the dark has been almost impossible. And they’ve been reminded of this againwith the release of a collection of images leaked online on different TikTok “tea” pages that post gossip and drama about the celebrities.

The source of the images, as well as how old they may be, remains unclear The public is left to believe that they were leaked without the consent of the two young stars.

Is Charli and Chase in a relationship?

Although the photos are likely to put the rumor mill in overdrive however, Charli and Chase have remained silent. Charli as well as Chase themselves have been quiet on the subject, and fans have urged that fans not make rash conclusions based upon the images.

The hashtags ‘#textsforcharli’ as well as the hashtag ‘#textsforchase’ were popular on Twitter on December 28 as people tried to rally behind their cause, fearing that their privacy could be detrimental to them.

The two the Instagram accounts that shared the images has confirmed the source of the images or the date they are. This means the images could have been posted some time ago.

While some fans are dissatisfied with the images that were shared on social media, it’s obvious that for celebrities of this caliber having privacy issues is nearly impossible. Some fans are delighted to see them in a new position, hoping they’ve come back together.

People will now expect some sort of response to or Charli or Chase about the leaked photos however, they could decide to keep it to themselves and let the speculations and excitement to settle before discussing any issue.


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