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Central Elementary School , Florida

A brief overview of Central Elementary School

Central Elementary School (CESS) is a school for children of the public situated within Clewiston, FL, which is located in a rural town location. The number of students at this Elementary School stands at 574. The school caters to children aged PK-5. In this Elementary School 64% of students scored above the proficiency level in math, while 56% scored higher than that for reading. The number of minority students in the school is 83 percent. The ratio of students to teachers is 17 which is higher than the average of the district. The students are made by 47 percent females and 53% of male students. The school has 68% economically marginalized students. There are 34 full-time equivalent teachers and one fully-time counselor for the school.

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Central Elementary School 2021 Rankings

This School ranks 839th within Florida elementary schools. Schools are evaluated based on their performance on state-required exams and graduation, as well as the extent to which they prepare students for high school. Find out more about our methodology for determining the best elementary schools..

All Rankings

  • #839in Florida Elementary Schools
  • #1in Hendry School District Elementary Schools

Ranking Factors

How Central Elementary School placed across the state among 2128 schools in Florida.

Reading Proficiency Rank

#1066 (tie)

Teachers and students in the Central Elementary School.

These numbers as well as percentages of students and teachers are based on data submitted by the state’s education departments to the federal government.

Test Results on Central Elementary School

In this School 64% of students scored above the proficiency level for math and 56% scored over that standard for reading. Compared to the district, this School performed better in math and read, according to this measure. In the Hendry School District 40% of the students were tested in the level of proficiency for reading, while 52% of students tested over that threshold in math. This School performed better in math and reading when in comparison to students throughout the country. In Florida the majority of children took tests in the proficiency level in reading, and 57% of them tested at or above the proficient standard for math.

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