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Bullitt County Schools ,Shepherdsville ,Kentucky

Overview of Bullitt County

Bullitt County Schools includes 12 725 students and 25 schools. The school’s minority population is 10 percent. Additionally, 32.1% of students are economically challenged.

Schools in the District






middle schools


High schools


Students at Bullitt County

The student population at the schools that are served by Bullitt County is 89.7% White, 1.4% Black, 0.8 percent Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander 4.3 percentage Hispanic/Latino 0.2 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native and 0.1 0.1% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. Furthermore, 3.6% of students are of two at least one race, while zero have stated their race or ethnicity.

Additionally the majority percent of the students in Bullitt County are women and 52 percent from students have male parents. At the schools in Bullitt County, 32.1% of students can be part of the free and reduced cost meal program . 1.4 percent from students have English students.

Teachers at Bullitt County

In Bullitt County, 96.9% of teachers have been certified, and 93.3 percent are at least three years of working experience. The ratio of student-teacher is higher than the average for the state at 17:1. The district employs 20 full-time counselors.

Ratio of student-teachers


Percentage of teachers who have been certified (average)


Teachers with more than 3 years of experience (average)


School counselors with full-time hours


Test Scores at Bullitt County

The results of the test in Bullitt County, 54% of elementary school students scored in the level of proficiency for reading, while 43% of them tested at or above this grade for mathematics. Additionally 52 percent of middle school students test at or above the level of proficiency for reading, while 43% of them tested at or above this threshold for mathematics. Additionally, 39 percent of students in high schools were tested in the level of proficiency for reading, while 31% of them tested at or above the proficient standard for math.

High school college-ready


Finances at Bullitt County

Bullitt County costs $10,279 per student per year. The district earns an annual income of $153,041,000. The district’s total expenditure is $6,273.8 million on education, $3,175.3 million on support services, and $489.7 million for other expenses.


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