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How to Build a Custom Shopify Theme From Scratch: Best Tutorial

To create a brand that will be relevant, popular and in demand in the future, it is necessary to apply a lot of marketing moves. This is not only about the fact that the task itself is not easy, but also about the huge competition in the modern market. A brand, if it wants to develop and “live” among people, to be needed by people, must constantly become more unique.

Coming up with something special is always difficult, and you should also take care to sell this “something” to the target audience in the future. It is worth paying attention when developing an e-commerce site on Shopify. The platform will really allow the brand to create their own, something unique, develop their own theme and make it popular.

If you need to do magento to shopify data migration, then most experts recommend contacting a professional company that can perform these services at a high level and taking into account all the individual wishes of the client.

Why choose the Shopify platform?

Shopify has proven itself well among the competition. It should be emphasized that with its help, programmers can create a cool design on the site or choose some classic template for an online store. The main thing is that the platform has many positive characteristics because of which it is chosen today:

  1. Creating a theme from scratch. The platform provides businesses with the most loyal conditions for creating any website. In fact, a lot depends on the chosen theme and design, including how the brand will develop and at what pace it will happen. Often, using Shopify, specialists can use a couple of relevant UI / UX design techniques, as well as the Java script programming language, and other well-known tools. You also need to remember that experts recommend first planning a topic, and then starting the creation process.
  2. Meet Timber. This is a framework that is specifically open source, which already facilitates the entire procedure for developing a site. When using the platform, it is worth remembering that the framework can become the main and valuable tool, because thanks to it you can implement some template or several ones, defined and written code fragments with further modification on an individual basis, snippets and other elements. In fact, the framework acts as a useful cross-platform tool and helps when creating a Shopify theme.
  3. Use Liquid. Programmers know for sure that the templating language is also important. So, for customization, for developing a platform-based theme, as well as for data injection, you cannot do without a template language. Thanks to Liquid, you can correctly size, outline different components, include their features in the form of descriptions.

It is also very important to remember that all developed designs must be different. One image is created for the main page of the site, completely different images can be drawn for internal or those pages that need to be navigated to. The main thing is to keep the CSS structured and the template that is used, because these two tools must match in total.

In addition, Shopify has different builders that are suitable for any type of business and entrepreneurial activity. That is, for example, Magento 2 can be used for any e-commerce, regardless of whether a large, medium or small business wants to create a website or migrate a website to a better version of the platform.

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