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Brittney Griner Wife: The most Disturbing Call I’ve Ever Experienced

Cherelle told me that, after the call concluded, “I think I cried for around two, three days. It was probably the most shocking phone call that I’ve ever experienced.”

“It’s the quietest moment, I believe, I’ve ever had with my spouse,” the woman said. “I did not have words.”

A WBNA All-Star, as well as Olympic gold medalist, was detained at the Moscow Airport in the month of February after she was found to be carrying less than a gram hash oil inside vape cartridges that she prescribed to ease chronic pain. In August she was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison.

“I believe that any crime is worthy of a penalty,” Cherelle remarked. “But it should be done in a way that is balanced.”

“B.G. is truly suffering beyond her crimes already,” she added.

Cherelle stated that she hopes that a prisoner swap between U.S. and Russia happens prior to the next hearing. A recent meeting with the White House reassured her that president Biden is with her.

“He’s doing his best. However, there’s a third party involved in this particular situation and we’re confronting the need for Russia to be kind to B.G. too,” Cherelle said.

She was worried about what could be the outcome if Griner’s appeal is dismissed.

“Once the hearing has been held and the court order is signed, B.G. is now in a situation where she may be sent to labor camps,” Cherelle said. “My brain isn’t able to comprehend the possibility.”

She also said that Griner is already in a state of struggle as she waits in the hope of her release.

“I do not know if she’s got something left to get each day in a situation in which she doesn’t have anyone,” Cherelle said.

Cherelle stated she is “at the weakest point in her life at the moment,” and fears that she’ll be forgotten by Russia.

“She’s telling me things to me such as”My life doesn’t really matter anymore”” Cherelle said. “You know, I think my life isn’t important. As if I’m just moved around to make people happy and gain.'”

In the event that WBNA All-Star had her sentence in the month of August, Cherelle explained to the judge that she had made a mistake that was honest and she was hoping that the ruling of the court won’t cause her to lose her life. Cherelle told the court that while Griner asks if her life is important and if it is worth the risk, she wants her know that she’s trying to get herself back into her home in the United States.

“Those are all legitimate feelings that I’m not sure what to do about it beyond the fact that your life is important to me and I’d like to bring you to your home,” she said. “I’m continuing to pray each day that you’ll know that the people who make the decisions in this particular situation will show mercy and be able to sit down and will also realize that your life is important and do all they can to reach an agreement -and on conditions.”

Cherelle stated that she felt a sense of excitement when she heard of getting the freedom from Trevor Reed, the former U.S. Marine who gained his freedom through an exchange of prisoners between the U.S. and Russia.

“When Trevor Reed was released it was hard to believe that there was Brittney Griner, as I was so happy. Although I’d never had the pleasure of meeting the Reed family before but I do knew that I had to go to Instagram and made an account and was so glad with his loved ones. Because I’m aware of exactly what I feel. And I’m thinking WOW. The day ended for them the day. My feelings was over that day for them and I was satisfied,” she said.

The White House said it has an important deal in the works, and has advised Russia to look into it or to make a serious counter-offer.


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