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Boris Becker Net Worth 2022: Income, Age, Wife, Children, Tennis Career

Boris Becker has been jailed today for being found guilty of bankruptcy-related offenses. In his trial, it was disclosed that the former tennis star was unable to pay for his costly divorces, his extravagant lifestyle , and a few shaky investments.

Boris Becker has been imprisoned for two and one-half years after the former six-time Grand Slam champion was accused of four crimes as per the Act on Insolvency.

Becker who was believed to be worth at most 160million (PS127m) Becker had been declared bankrupt on the 1st of the year 2017 because of an unpaid loan of more than PS3million from his property situated in Mallorca, Spain.

The former tennis star, who was 54, has been found to be guilty of making transfers of the sum of EUR427.00 (PS356,000) in cash to 9 people including the accounts belonging to his wife Barbara and his ex-wife Sharlely “Lilly” Becker.

He was also found guilty of not declaring the property in Germany as well as concealing the EUR825,000 loan from a bank as well as shares of a tech company.

How much was Boris Becker make?

The year was 1985 and Becker stunned the entire world when she became the first athlete to be crowned the winner of Wimbledon at the age of just 17. Becker was just 17. German tennis star continued to win 49 singles titles over 77 finals in 16 years.

In his bankruptcy trial in court, the judge found that throughout his professional profession, Becker earned PS38million from prizes and sponsorships in the sole instance, which is roughly PS100million in current dollars.

What caused Boris Becker lose his fortune?Despite his incredibly successful career the former world’s top athlete claimed that his earnings decreased drastically following his retirement in 1999 and continues to struggle in the financial realm ever since.

What is the worth of Boris Becker’s net today?

At the peak of Becker’s career, his net worth was estimated to be approximately PS127million However, his financial woes mean that Becker’s net worth is currently at around PS800,000.

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