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Boiling Springs High School, South Carolina

Brief Description of Boiling Springs High School

The state of South Carolina ranks Boiling Springs High School between positions #166 and #221. There is an option for students to take AP classes and examinations. This High School has a 23% enrollment rate in AP courses. There are 35% of pupils identify as members of a minority group, and 42% are economically disadvantaged. Spartanburg 02 is home to two high schools, one of which is Boiling Springs High School.

Best High Schools in Boiling Springs for 2022

There are 17,843 high schools in the United States, and Boiling Springs High School is ranked 13,383. State-mandated test scores, graduation rates, and college readiness are some of the factors used to determine a school’s overall ranking. See our methodology for selecting the Top High Schools.

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High schools in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the metropolitan area, ranked ninth and tenth in the state and eleventh in the nation, with numbers 13,383 and 17,843, respectively.

Boiling Springs High School staff and students

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Media News determines these rankings based on students’ achievement on standardized tests mandated by each state as well as on advanced placement and international Baccalaureate examinations.

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90% (slightly above state median) (somewhat above state median)

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This data pertains to the state-run high schools in this state. Quite a few communities only have one high school option.

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