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Big Fig Mattress Overview, Guide, Cost and More

Big Fig Mattress Guide

The Big Fig is a mattress created in the United States and intended for heavier individuals. The innerspring coils of this hybrid mattress are topped with multiple comfort layers of high-density foam, gel foam, and latex. Big Fig classifies its mattress as having medium-firm to hard feelings, and it features several technologies intended to cool sleepers who tend to get too hot during the night. These technologies include perforated foam and a gel-treated polyblend fabric material. The Big Fig mattress comes with a trial term of one hundred and twenty days and is delivered to your home as a bed-in-a-box.

Big Fig Mattress Overview

Here are a few quick facts:

  • Developed exclusively for people who sleep in plus-size bedding
  • Contains a twenty-year warranty and a trial term of one hundred and twenty days
  • Constructed using a hybrid method that combines polyfoam and wire coils
  • A bed that falls into the medium-firm category
  • Holds up to 1,100 pounds, including 550 lbs per sleeper in total capacity

Big Fig is an abbreviation for “bigger figure,” which refers to the fact that the Big Fig mattress is a hybrid model developed with larger individuals in mind. On a scale from 1 to 10, with ten being the firmest, Big Fig describes this mattress as having a medium-firm feel and gives it a rating of 7 to 8 on the scale. The mattress’s core is made up of individually encased coils, each of which is meant to limit the motion transferred from one sleeping partner to another and to provide enhanced support for a body of a greater size. The innerspring coil layer is encased in high-density polyfoam to improve the edge support. It is topped with three layers of polyfoam and one layer of perforated foam for additional comfort. The height of the Big Fig mattress is thirteen inches.

Those who tend to sleep with a lot of body heat may appreciate the bed’s numerous cooling capabilities. Polyfoam maintains a cooler temperature at night than memory foam, and the quilted comfort layer at the top of the mattress contains ThermoGel. This material is engineered to produce a cooling effect when it comes into touch with moisture. Aeration holes have also been incorporated into the bed’s latex upholstery to enhance air circulation across the various foam layers. All foams are certified as CertiPUR-US compliant, which indicates that they are manufactured without specific harmful chemicals and heavy metals and with low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The mattress deliveres to your door in a box by the manufacturer, which also provides a trial period of 120 nights and a warranty that lasts 20 years. The price of a Big Fig in the queen size is $1,799. Check out our whole list of mattress ratings, which includes mattresses sold at various price points, if the cost of this particular mattress is outside your price range.

What Does It Mean to Have a Big Fig Mattress?

The Big Fig Mattress is an Us mattress created with larger sleepers in mind. In addition to having individually encased innerspring coils, the hybrid mattress has three layers of polyfoam and one layer of perforated foam. A layer of high-density foam intended to provide superior edge support is wrapped around the coils. Every foam has been tested and approved by CertiPUR-US, and some feature built-in ventilation to help keep sleepers from overheating. The texture of Big Fig can be described as medium-firm. Mattresses of medium firmness or above are typically advised for people who suffer from low back discomfort.

Big Fig Mattress Cost?

Mattresses sold by Big Fig can be purchased for a price of $1,799 for a queen-sized bed. The bed sizes available at Big Fig range from twin up to a split California king, and the prices range from $1,399 to $2,799, depending on the bed size. When compared to the prices of other hybrid mattresses that we have researched and found to be suitable for heavy individuals, such as the DreamCloud, which costs $1,698 for a queen size, and the WinkBed, which costs $1,799, the Big Fig falls somewhere in the middle in terms of cost.


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