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Control your resources: the 5 key benefits of dedicated server hosting

Enterprises come across a diverse range of options for hosting their website, mail server for web application. The most popular option is shared hosting, where a single server’s resources are shared between different websites.

But enterprises looking for more autonomy and control should look towards finding the best dedicated server hosting for their needs. Dedicated hosting entails renting a server from a hosting provider, with exclusive use of that server’s resources going to the client. The provider works with the enterprise to provide them RAM, CPU and disk space to suit their application’s requirements. The provider creates and maintains the dedicated server, alleviating the enterprise’s need to buy their own, something that can be quite expensive.

So, what are five of the key benefits of dedicated server hosting?

There is no need to share server resources

With dedicated hosting, the enterprise receives the full resources of a single server. There is no need to worry about other enterprise’s websites convoluting the server’s RAM and CPU. The enterprise is guaranteed no interference from issues like bandwidth spikes or bad scripts impeding on their server.

They are highly flexible

Dedicated servers provide the client with plenty of flexibility in regard to customising the server for their needs regarding software, disk space, CPU and RAM. Shared hosting limits the enterprise to the software, applications and operating environment that the server already contains. They simply don’t have the flexibility to scale the application to fit the enterprise’s needs.

Conversely, a dedicated server provides the enterprise a customisable environment that can be tailored to its specific needs. They can select the software and platform that truly works for them.

They enhance security & performance

With dedicated hosting, enterprises are guaranteed optimal website uptime. Shared hosting is far more suitable to websites that contain as much traffic, but if you’re looking to receive plenty of site visitors, you want the highest performance standard possible.

Dedicated servers also provide the peace of mind that you aren’t sharing space with a potential spammer or malicious website. The enhanced security features of dedicated hosting are important for companies dealing in sensitive transfers over SSL or FTP.

There are no overheads for maintaining or purchasing equipment

If the enterprise requires a dedicated server, they don’t actually have to manage it themselves. The provider handles the costs of building and maintaining the dedicated server equipment, reducing overheads and initial costs, thus increasing the potential of a greater return on investment.

They provide a unique IP address

Each dedicated server contains its own IP address. Shared hosting only has one IP address being shared across multiple websites. This can be bad for rankings, as your neighbors may be spam or an adult site.

Dedicated hosting ensures you have a dedicated server, and this means having your own, safe IP address, something that is great for web rankings.

It’s the safest investment

Despite shared hosting being the cheapest option for hosting, dedicated hosting comes with so many wonderful advantages that it simply can’t be overlooked by enterprises looking to properly secure their websites.

If your enterprise is one whose website receives high volume traffic or can’t succumb to the pitfalls of scammers or subpar neighbours then perhaps it’s time to consider making the move to a dedicated server host. Your enterprise should experience a safer, higher performance environment than that of shared hosting.


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