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Bayonetta 3 leaks and rumors and release date

Bayonetta 3 rumors and leaks

We still don’t know much about Bayonetta 3, but we have seen some gameplay. There are a few leaks that indicate some things we can look forward to. A rumor that many of Bayonetta 3’s setpieces will take places in outer space is most interesting. These areas will be presented on a larger scale than any Bayonetta before. The same leak suggests Bayonetta 3 will present more “melancholic”, and Bayonetta 3 will treat its protagonist differently. Her outfits will be less outrageous than before and there will be a reduced amount of sexual content. Bayonetta 3 could use the same engine as NieR: Automata, and it is expected that the game will look much better than Bayonetta 2.

This information is incongruous with the gameplay trailer. Although it seemed to have a similar level, most of the trailer is set in one area. Platinum Games only displayed one level of Bayonetta 3 so we don’t know what else might be in the game.

Bayonetta 3 release date

Bayonetta 3 will launch sometime in the next year. PlatinumGames has been involved in a variety of projects ever since Bayonetta 3 was revealed. It’s not surprising that the game took so long to return. PlatinumGames will be working with Square Enix to develop Babylon’s Fall. They will also self-publish a mysterious title called Project G.G., which is being directed by Hideki Kaziya. Astral Chain was released in 2019, and it likely took a lot of time to develop. Bayonetta 3 will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch when it launches. In an interview with VGC Kiya suggested that we all reset Bayonetta 3 and forget about Bayonetta 3. When it does finally happen, it will surprise you, won’t?

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