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Baby Zebra dies at Disney World

A baby zebra was killed in The Walt The Magic Kingdom’s Animal Kingdom after running full speed through a gate as it was scared by two ostriches according to a report by a local television station.

WESH said it spoke to an individual who was witness to the incident. They were told it occurred after the massive birds were released from an enclosure.

The family members said that it was a difficult experience and then sent the station’s footage from their cellphone that shows Disney staff trying to help the animal.

“We are devastated by the loss of Hartmann’s mountain zebra, who died yesterday. we ask you to keep our animal-loving Cast members and staff in your prayers,” a Disney spokesperson wrote in an email sent to the station.

The new addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom is wildly cute.

The Hartmann’s female Zebra foal was born on Mar. 21 to a first-time mother Heidi. Heidi has not yet been given a name.

While Walt Disney World Resort is temporarily shut down due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, their animal care staff is still in place to care for the park’s the animals that live there.

The new striped zebra will be the 3rd zebra birthed at the The Disney Animal Kingdom this year as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Program, that helps to protect threatened species living in the wild by preserving their genetic variety of animals in zoos across the globe.

“Already extremely energetic and curious young lady has a lot in common with her mother. She also has large legs,” the doctor. Mark Penning, vice director of animals, science and environment at Disney Parks wrote in a press announcement.

The infant that weighs around 65 pounds was standing and examining the legs in just 30 mins after her birth.

An adorable video clip of the newborn with Heidi showcases the adorable mother-daughter duo snacking on twigs while running around the park.

“Heidi shows she’s natural in her parenting skills, as she is able to stay close to her infant to bond with her and her nurse,” Penning added in the press release. “Bonding is crucial since the young zebras will stamp on the scent of its mother’s body and will remember the distinctive marks on the hind legs, which will help her distinguish herself different from all the other animals.”

This will be the first baby zebra to arrive in Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom this year. It is part the Species Survival Plan program, which is run by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums supervises. The Disney Animal Kingdom is home to three different types of zebra : Hartmann’s mountain zebra and Grevy’s and plains zebra.

In the next few days, Heidi and her baby will be joining the other animals at the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction at Animal Kingdom.

It is said that Disney’s Animal Kingdom has experienced a baby boom since late and the baby joins the prehensile-tailed porcupine that was born to mother, Peri, on Feb. 25 per the Animal Kingdom.


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