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Austin Harrouff: What You Need to Know Before Going to Trial

Austin Harrouff, a Florida State University student, allegedly attacked and murdered John Stevens (and Michelle Mishcon) at their Tequesta home. Screenshot via YouTube

Austin Harrouff, a Florida State University student, allegedly attacked John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon outside their Tequesta residence. The attack left the couple dead in an egregious rampage that made headlines across the globe.

Many wondered why Stevens was attacked so brutally after the seemingly random murders. Harrouff is alleged to have gnawed on Stevens’ face. Although Harrouff was initially believed to have been intoxicated with flakka or bath salts, toxicology reports proved otherwise. Harrouff’s lawyers and medical experts have since argued that Harrouff was in the midst a “acute psychotic episode” and that he believed he was “half dog, half man” when he killed Stevens or Mischon.

Austin Harrouff’s nonjury case is set to start in November, nearly six years after the double Martin County murder. Harrouff is expected to invoke an insanity defense.

Here’s a quick primer about Harrouff’s case as the trial nears.

Austin Harrouff: Who are you?

Austin Harrouff, 25, was born in Palm Beach Gardens. He grew up in northern Palm Beach County.

He was a former wrestler in high school and a football player. At the time of the murders, he was a sophomore at FSU. A YouTube channel under the name A.Frost contains a variety of his videos, including clips of him singing “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley and ramblings about personal trainers and why he didn’t take steroids.

According to Austin Harrouff’s recruiting profile Harrouff stood six feet tall and weighed 200 lbs. He could also bench-press 365 lbs as a high school student.

Who were Harrouff’s victims,

Stevens, 59 and Mishcon 53, lived in Jupiter, near Jupiter, where they had a sprawling home with several golf courses. They met at a Miami financial firm where they worked together in 1997. According to reports, they spent many evenings entertaining guests in their garage where they had set up a TV set and chairs. According to reports, the couple had just celebrated their 19th anniversary.

Mischon is the daughter and former North Miami Beach Mayor Jeff Mischon. Stevens was a retired proprietor of a landscaping company, Greensmart Lawn and Garden. Did Drugs Play a Role?

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told reporters that the murders of Stevens and Mishcon could have been caused by synthetic drug flakka. This speculation attracted widespread media attention. However, toxicology reports later disproved his claims. In November 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), released a long-awaited toxicology report. It revealed that no designer drug was in Harrouff’s system at time of attack. Only alcohol and trace amounts of cannabis were found.

What charges does Harrouff face?

Austin Harrouff was charged with two counts each of first-degree killing in the deaths Mishcon and Stevens. Fisher, the neighbor who intervened, is also being charged.

Harrouff’s attorneys for defense have stated that they will seek an insanity acquittal. According to Dr. Phillip Resnick’s 38-page report, Harrouff was diagnosed with “severe mental disorder,” which includes bipolar disorder, acute manic episodes and psychotic features. He also had “clinical Lycanthropy Delusions” (also known as werewolf syndrome).

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