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Apex Legends update 2.03 patch notes: Vantage changes, skins fixed

Respawn Entertainment has just released a minor Apex Legends update, which addresses a few key gameplay issues and tweaks Vantage. This was just days after Apex Legends Season 14. The first introduced new content, and of course, a Legend in Vantage. However, the second patch is a minor update that fixes a few smaller issues.

Vantage quickly rose to the top of the most-picked Legend and overtook the likes Wraith, Octane, and others. She has been dominant during the first stages of Season 14. Two small changes were made to Vantage’s August 22 update in order to bring her down one notch.

It’s only a minor update, but there are still some important changes you should be aware of. Before you go back to work, make sure to review the August 22 Apex Legends update.

Changes to Vantage and key Apex Legends bugs fixed

The two Vantage changes are perhaps the most significant in the August 22 update. The character already received quick fixes just weeks after her Season 14 patch debut.

After a respawn, Spotter’s Lens Passive, which is a bullet drop indicator for long distance targets, will continue to function.

A quirky interaction between KO Shields (and Vantage’s tactical (double jump) jump) has been resolved. Vantage will now be able to use a KO Shield if she is knocked in midair while using the extended jump ability. Respawn also identified two bugs that had been fixed. First, Arenas weapons should be more consistent in terms of upgrades. This update will make it easier for players to upgrade in the future.

The last but not the least, collecting banners with the Seer Heartthrob or Rampart Wastelander skins won’t cause any problems. Always handy.

Full Apex Legends August 22 patch note

Here are the Apex Legends August 22 patch notes, as we know them at the time. If there are any changes, we’ll update this page.

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