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Apex Legends. Most popular Legends in Season 14

Season 14’s Apex Legends pick rates change constantly So we’ve got all the details as well as the most current rates of picks for the upcoming season.

The pick rate information is built on a database that contains more than thirteen million Apex Legends players, and although this isn’t the entire player base, it’s still a extremely large sample size. The stats do not indicate who’s the most effective overall, but rather they reveal the Legends are most popular to choose.

Apex Legends Season 14 will be finally hitting its stride as Vantage definitely been a major influence on the game’s selection percentages.So here’s all the facts you need to know about Apex Legends‘ Season 14 pick rate as well as who’s the most popular right now, and any other surprises that may be in store.

Apex Legends Pick Rates in Season 14

Here are the current rates of picks for each Legend in the period of August 29th 2022. Be sure to check every week for updates as percentages change and the pick rates will undoubtedly change.

The most frequently used Legends are in Apex Legends Season 14

The race for Apex Legends season 14 supremacy is underway and while the OctaneWraith,and Valkyrie are in the top positions, the new Legend Vantage has certainly disrupted the podium positions.

With the beginning of many new seasons that are part of Apex, Vantage got off to a scorchingly hot start, as all new Legends do and then she soared straight up to the top spot. However, however, she’s starting to lose steam and is now in third place, with an 8.9 percent picking rate.

A few of the first stories about Season 14’s pick rate are worth reading because buffs, nerfs, and other changes have helped propel Mad Maggie up to 14th (2.6 percent) after a season or two of being close to in the middle of league.

Additionally, Rampart has fallen back to her old ways of being the Legend has dropped from 21st (1.7 percent) and is only just a little over Crypto at 22nd (1.4 percent) – a Legend who keeps a steady rates of picks

Most played Apex Legends characters

As was stated previously the higher percentage of picks does not always translate into the most successful Legend however, the current design that the game is playing has had the same players occupying the top spots for a long time.

Like we’ve done in previous seasons, we’re planning take a couple of weeks to test how Vantage will be able to keep her amazing start to the season.

These are the most popular Legends during Apex Legends Season 14.

Bloodhound – 8%

While Seer might have earned the title of the ‘Best Recon Legend’ in the beginning during Season 10 the time-frame was only short-lived. Bloodhound is an unbeatable Legend due to the Eye of the Allfather tactical capability, which provides unbeatable monitoring and data for every team. This is one of the major reasons for the reason that Bloodhound has a healthy 8.8% picking rate for Apex Season 14. Then there’s the fact that “Beast of the Hunt” is a great technique for traversing for those who need to get out of the storm.

Pathfinder – 8.4%

While he’s not as effective as he was when he was at his peak, Pathfinder still manages to be the most mobile Legend of Apex Legends with an 8.4 percent chance of picking. Since the start of Season 5, Respawn has continued to alter the abilities of Pathfinder, providing the other recons (Bloodhound, Seer, Crypto & Valkyrie) the original ability to search for forthcoming rings in the area.

Even though these incidents have diminished his overall efficiency however, he continues to be among the top-rated characters in Apex due to his ability to maneuver.

Wraith was the star of the game at the time of launch and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. Her abilities aren’t yet ready to be tested or replaced and her portal allows for smooth and efficient rotations. In addition to her phase it is possible to take greater risk and yet remain with your life in order.

She has had some tweaks done, such as the removal from her Low Profile attribute back in Season 9. However, she is just as deadly at the present condition of the game. There is no evidence as evident and apparent in this regard like her 9.6 percent picking rate.

It is at present her position as one of the top Legends in the battle royale game of Respawn.

Octane – 10.1%

Octane is consistently a highly-rated Legend in Apex in spite of the numerous nerfs that he’s had since the game’s launch. His user-friendly and extremely efficient abilities allow for excellent playing on his own, but it also means that he can fit perfectly into team-based games.

Octane is an enduring fan favorite throughout the seasons on Apex Legends and is currently placed at the top of the list.

He has a staggering 10.1 percent percentage of pick rates and is currently at the top of the charts for the second time.

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