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Animal Crossing Update New Horizons Islands

From the time Animal Crossing: New Horizons began its launch in March of 2020 the game has seen a huge group of players has been sharing amazing customized designs designed specifically for the game. They’ve been getting more stunning with the release of Happy Home Paradise DLC. Perhaps even as impressive are the incredible landscaping projects the players have created to design an ideal Animal Crossing 5-star island paradise with custom designs, objects from the game, and a amount of dedication and skill.

It’s not just about how to use the Terraforming Island Designer Application to redirect the flow of a river, or cut the sharp edge off of the edge of a steep cliff also. This is about significant environmental manipulation and decor that transforms a deserted island into a lush paradise, urban metropolis , or theme park! We can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed and jealous that our island is far from being as quaint and yet we’re awestruck with some of the top images we’ve seen online.

Beautiful and delicate walkways urban jungles, intricate paths and waterways The following are just some of the most stunning Animal Crossing Islands we’ve seen on social media since the release of New Horizons. We’ll update them as and when new and stunning designs come up.

It is also possible to visit other islands of others without having to contact the host with Dream Address codes, so go through our guide to the top Dream islands including two islands listed below. Enjoy!

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