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Invaluable Amazon S3 clients for Mac & Windows users

According to Forbes, the future of cloud storage holds a lot of potentials. Amazon tops the list when it comes to object storage platforms in the market. It provides all of its users with multiple cloud-based storage solutions, all of which offer convenience, flexibility, and top-notch security. It is always available and provides a fault-tolerant storage solution for storing everything, from static content to vital data and essential backups. Moreover, Amazon Web Services platforms can virtually store users’ data and work with local data. Now the question arises – how can you access it? One of the most effective ways of accessing object storage is by using Amazon S3 clients. In this article, we will look at some of the most efficient Amazon S3 clients available for Mac and Windows.

CloudBerry Explorer

One of the finest tools for managing your Amazon S3 storage is CloudBerry Explorer. The ability to manage buckets is one of the application’s best features. Using CloudBerry Explorer’s bucket-managing feature, users can edit, transfer and delete buckets. Moreover, if you want to automatically backup your data, the application features an excellent automation system. The application offers a fully-equipped command-line interface for those who want extra controls. CloudBerry Explorer also offers great encryption for files stored on Amazon S3 or any other cloud service. Another appealing feature that makes this app a great Amazon S3 client is that users do not need to download a file first to edit or make changes. However, the learning curve is quite steep for beginners, and thus, new users need to learn how to use it to unlock the application’s true potential. CloudBerry Explorer is a great Amazon S3 client for Windows users. The app has a free version as well as a paid one.


ForkLift is a great file manager for Mac users who wish to manage files across different servers. It is a very powerful Amazon S3 client with tons of solid features and functionalities that make managing files very convenient. In addition to Amazon S3, users can access FTP, AFP, SMP, and numerous other remote volumes using ForkLift. It offers quick search utilities as well as the selection and archive management. Its preview panel provides users with the option to find and edit data. Accessing hidden items is also very easy, i.e., all you need to do is press a button to view confidential files. ForkLift also offers customizable interfaces for users to view files as per their preferences easily. All in all, it is an excellent app for Mac users who want a reliable app to view and manage files across remote servers.


CyberDuck is an excellent alternative to other popular Amazon S3 clients. The fact that makes the application stand out is that it is available on both Microsoft and macOS. It is an all-rounder browser cum libre server that supports all major protocols, including FTP, WebDAV, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, etc. CyberDuck is a package that holds many options under its hood. The browser has a simple interface and is very easy to use. It packs in a lot of speed, i.e., uploading and downloading files is immensely quick. You can edit files without actually downloading them, which is yet another feature that makes CyberDuck one of the best Amazon S3 clients out there right now. It is a great option to consider if you want an application with exceptional features which work flawlessly on both macOS and Windows.


If you are someone who knows all the ins and outs of how Amazon S3 functions, S3cmd can prove to be a great Amazon S3 client for you. It is entirely based on a command-line interface. In simpler words, there is no GUI available. It can prove to be a bit challenging for beginners who do not know much about handling Amazon S3 commands. However, it is one of the most potent S3 clients readily available now. Another feather in this application’s cap is that it is a free software that does not have any license. You can easily download, upload or edit any file stored on your Amazon S3 server without hassle. S3cmb is perfect for power users who possess great control over commands. As mentioned earlier, it can prove to be a bit challenging for beginners, but once a new user gets the hang of it, there is no S3 client that comes close to this one. Considering the fact that both beginners and experts use cloud services, this list of the best Amazon S3 clients includes software that caters to the needs of everyone. The majority of the basic versions of Amazon S3 clients are free. However, users who want more features and functionalities can always choose to pay for the premium version


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