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Alexi McCammond, Teen Vogue Part Ways Over Racist, Homophobic Tweets

After a fracas among staff and readers, Conde Nast split with Alexie McCamond (Teen Vogue’s next editor), over a homophobic, racist social media message that was posted 10 years ago. I did.

This decision came less than two weeks after McCamond, a 27-year old former Axios star journalist, was announced as the new publisher. Coverage of politics, race, and gender.

Conde Nast stated that the controversy was first reported earlier this month. She said it was discovered during her hiring process.

Stan Duncan, Conde Nast Chief HR Officer wrote to staff Thursday that the appointment of Alexie McAmmond and Teen Vogue had brought to the forefront many difficult and important conversations over the past weeks. I mentioned it. “After speaking with Alexi this morning I agreed that it was best to end the relationship so that Teen Vogue’s important work doesn’t get lost.”

Soon after McCamond was hired to work on March 5, unfavorable tweets about McCamonds social media history, particularly Asian Americans, started to circulate online. Teen Vogue was one of the first to publish them. Some staff was offended.

Eight people were shot and eight more were injured in racial attacks against Asian Americans. Six were of Asian descent. They were at three Atlanta area spas earlier in the week.

She made insensitive comments about Asian eyes in one tweet while referring to an “insane Asian” teaching assistant in another. Others used derogatory terms like “homo” or “gay”.

Black McCammond apologized for the tweet after it was first brought to our attention in 2019, and after the screenshot from this month’s tweet had been redisplayed. After that, there were many other tweets with homophobic views and a photo of Black McCammond in a costume for Halloween featuring the Native Americans theme.

McCammond posted a Twitter statement Thursday saying that he shouldn’t have tweeted the tweets he did.

McCammond’s spokesperson did not make any additional comments.

McCammond shared a note on Twitter last week that described her tweets as “racist” and “homophobic”.

In the memo, she said that she was very sorry for having hurt such an individual and that she used unforgivable language. It’s unacceptable at any time in my life.

Two advertisers reacted to the controversy by launching their own advertising campaigns.

Alta Beauty

Burt’s Bees put the Teen Vogue marketing campaign on hold in order to clarify.

McCamond announced her resignation in a Twitter post on Thursday. She wrote: “That’s why Conde Naught and I decided to split up,”

McCammond was third Black woman to lead Teen Vogue after Lindsay Peoples Wagner, Elaine Westeros.

McCammond was the subject of a lot of media attention last month after news about his affair with White House Press Secretary TJ duckro was published by People magazine.mod=article_inline Later, Duckro resigned after it became clear that he had threatened journalists For Politico who were about to publish the story.

Conde Nast has been accused of racism in its workplace and content in the past. Anna Wintour (chief content officer of the company and global editorial director at Vogue), told staff in June that Vogue published intolerant content and didn’t listen to enough black contributors. I admitted.

In June Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief of Bon Appetit resigned after he was photographed in a mockery portraying. Many Puerto Ricans were resurfaced online, offending staff.


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