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After Lucifer, Tom Ellis Is Re-Teaming With Netflix For Another Devilish Project.

Tom Ellis set the small screen on fire with Lucifer The film ended its time on Fox before it was revived for Netflix. His latest character is a reunion with the streaming service will showcase the Welsh actor in a different way than we’ve seen him before in an original project that is that is based on the popular card game.

Netflix(opens within a a new window) has revealed it will be releasing Tom Ellis will star in Exploding Kittens the planned multi-media franchise that is based on a hit-card game. The venture will comprise an interactive game as well as an animated show targeted at adults and both will be available on Netflix’s streaming platform. The first is scheduled to be released on Netflix in May of this year and the first season of the TV series is scheduled to debut in 2023.

Sound good? It’s also good to know that the newly released explosive Kittens game is free to all who has an Netflix subscriber There will be without in-app charges or in-app fees to stop you from exploding cats until you’re satisfied. The game will even include characters and plot elements from the show’s upcoming episodes and allow players to enjoy the show in a fun and interactive environment.

Exploding Kittens is the first that’s of its kind by Netflix. Netflix has published interactive games and television shows before, yet they’ve all been stand-alone entries with any other material to build their storylines. The Bandersnatch Series has only had tangential links to the other content in the Black Mirror-verse. With the explosive Kittens, Netflix will endeavor to establish an entirely new type of streaming franchise by creating a whole world to play the game.

But what exactly do you think Exploding Kittens about (actual kittens explode, not to mention)? The storyline of the animated series will center on a divine battle that pits good against evil which makes it a great homage to Tom Ellis’s time as the devil. According to Netflix the show will center around both God as well as the Devil as they are somehow brought to Earth as “chunky house cats.” Alongside Tom Ellis dulcet tones, Exploding Kittens will also include the voices from Lucy Liu, Abraham Lim, Ally Maki, Mark Proksch and Sasheer Zmata.

The streaming company hasn’t made a decision on who will be in the roles, but Tom Ellis is the obvious choice for the voice of Satan. Ellis was on for over six years in the role of the devilishly clever Lucifer and it’s easy to imagine how his unique sound could translate into animation even if it is more sexier than Hell’s landlord. It will be the first voice-over part of Tom Ellis in any kind of animated production The credits he has had before comprise only a brief appearance on the show as Oscar Wilde on an episode of Family Guyand a short sketch for Robot Chicken.

There’s a chance that we won’t see Exploding Kittens on Netflix for some time but there’s plenty things to watch in the meantime. Take a look at these forthcoming TV shows to learn what you can expect to see in 2022. Or take a an overview of the most popular movies available that are available on Netflix currently.

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