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A Good First Impression on Mother and Son


Charles Austin Murphy and his mother, Linda Murphy, met Mary Clare Manfred on the same day in August 2012, and both used the same word to describe her: adorable.

“That’s exactly what she was — adorable,” said Mr. Murphy, who is 27.

“She definitely made an impression on my mom, and needless to say, she made a huge impression on me,” said Mr. Murphy, a manager in the wealth and asset management practice at Ernst & Young in New York.

He first met Ms. Manfred, also 27, at what he called “a student acceptance party,” at the home of his parents in Armonk, N.Y., that brought together about 20 students from the New York area who were starting college at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y. Linda Murphy was a Colgate graduate.

“Mary Clare and I started out as friends, and stayed friends throughout college,” Mr. Murphy said. “She had a wonderful personality and was very energetic, and she also had a great sense of humor. She was just someone I enjoyed being around, someone who seemed to make every day a little bit better.”

Despite meeting before their college classes began, Ms. Manfred and Mr. Murphy, both of Manhattan, did not start dating until October 2016, two months after each had graduated from Colgate, she magna cum laude and he cum laude.

“From Day 1, I liked everything about him,” said Ms. Manfred, the vice principal at Promise Academy 2, a charter school in Harlem.

“I thought he was kind and loyal and had a great sense of humor,” she said. “He was always so respectful and always seemed to have his priorities in order, but what I really loved about Charlie was that he was very family oriented.”

Mr. Murphy, a Yankees fan, took great pride in August 2014 — the summer after their sophomore years — when Ms. Manfred’s father, Robert D. Manfred Jr., was elected as the 10th commissioner in the history of Major League Baseball by vote of the 30 baseball teams, and officially began serving in that capacity in January 2015.

“The Murphy family was thrilled for the Manfred family when Mary Clare’s dad became baseball commissioner,” Mr. Murphy said. “It’s a pretty cool job.”

Ms. Manfred, who grew up in Tarrytown, N.Y., said she was equally thrilled about her father’s position, and when pressed for her favorite team — perhaps the Mets? — she said simply, “I have a lot of favorite teams.”

Mr. Murphy’s mother and father, Dr. James Patrick Murphy, a New York-based dentist, as well as Robert Manfred and his wife, Colleen Manfred, a college counselor at Cristo Rey High School, and their extended families were all under one spire on Aug. 13 at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in Manhattan, where the Rev. Gerald Blaszczak, a Roman Catholic priest, performed the ceremony before 32 fully vaccinated guests.

“Charlie never stopped being the sweet guy I met at the celebration his mom put together before we went off to Colgate,” the bride said the day after their wedding.

“We started out as best friends,” she said, “and we always will be.”


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