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5 Secrect About Pamela Anderson Fitness You Must Know

Scarlett Bentley is channeling Pamela Anderson in her signature red swimsuit. the below deck model showcases her stunning physique in her latest Instagram post. “Are we: filming Baywatch 2, actual certified lifeguards, or dressed up for theme? Best guess wins,” she captioned her Instagram image. How does she keep healthy? Check out the five methods Scarlett Bentley stays in shape and photos that show they’re effective. And to be prepared for your own beach day, don’t miss these important 30 best-ever celebrity Bathing Suit Photos! She’s in Love with the Sea Scarlett’s debut interview on Below Deck she made it clear her deep connection to the ocean. “I love it,” she declared. “On the water, so it’s my happy place.” She also shared that she became interested in yachting through an ex-love. “The first guy I dated when I moved to San Diego was actually a boat captain. We went out on the water the same day, and then it just became my life,” she added. “It’s just, like, weird.” Recently, she’s discovered an activity in the water that she enjoys: surfing.

Pamela Anderson rides Bikes

Scarlett is a fan of being active outside. One of her most favorite methods to burn calories? Bicycling with her buddies.

She exercises

On Her Instagram page Scarlett has a whole tab dedicated to fitness. In it, she uploads numerous videos of her workout routines. She does lots of squats and lifts weights and makes use of a variety of gym equipment. She typically hits the gym early at dawn.

She’s Got A Personal Trainer

Scarlett isn’t the type of person to exercise on her own. She’s sought the help by a private trainer Ronnie Conant of Booty By Barbells. There are also a lot of exercise buddies that aid in her accountability and make her workouts enjoyable.

Pamela Anderson does HIIT Workouts

Scarlett also engages in high intensity interval training (HIIT) type exercises. This kind of training is among the most effective methods to exercise and involves brief bouts of intense training that last between 10 and 60 seconds, which is followed by a time of rest. Then, the process is repeated. This cycle of intense training and recovery is repeated between 3 and 10 times, based on the exercise.

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